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Track of the Week: ‘Kindness’ by ELBA

Melding forward-thinking alternative pop with upbeat country is something that doesn’t sound like it should work quite as seamlessly as it does on latest ELBA single ‘Kindness’, with the track’s pulsating rhythms and infectious flair making for an distinctive and anthemic ride.

The track is all about championing positivity and self-love, and this shines through the gorgeously crafted instrumental and the endless sense of fun and charisma that pours from the artist and her sound. The vocals feel as vibrant and engaging as anything on the track, and the playful atmosphere and soaring, uplifting tone make for a tonne of fun moments and leave a lasting appeal. Whether you’re looking for something to make you dance or to just heighten your mood, ‘Kindness’ is a track that has an powerful way of improving your outlook and mood. [via clout]

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