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Photo credit: Anthony Lazaro

TYDE dish out the groove-laden single ‘Latte Partay’

Delivering the groove in this flavourful disco-funk-rock fusion, TYDE has given the world a dish of optimistic nihilism in the form of ‘Latte Partay’ – a genre-bending dance-ready beat that is self-contradictory in the way only life can be.

Bringing big festival stage energy with punchy horns, booming disco basslines, sunny vocals, rockin’ guitar solos, and even a half-time heavy breakdown, ‘Latte Partay’ stares down the realities of late-stage capitalism and laughs in its face, determined to have a good time despite it all. Frontwoman Ella Belfanti shares:

“It pokes fun at the generation wars, laughs through the helpless feeling many young people know all too well with our leaders’ inaction across a long list of world issues, and at the end of the day comes back to what’s truly important: caffeine and sharing the love with your mates.”

With its modern lyrics, retro inspiration, and nihilistic playfulness, ‘Latte Partay’ isn’t afraid to bet on both sides and enjoy the payoff– a versatile groove that’ll serve just as well going dancing with your girls as it will walking to the bus stop.

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