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Photo credit: Khary Toussaint Pollard

Tyra Jutai releases new single/video ‘Old Me’

Rising Canadian artist Tyra Jutai has just dropped her latest single, ‘Old Me,’ a collaboration with multi-Grammy-winning producers Lil’C “C GuTTa,” Luke Crowder, Jacob Gago, and Sauk. The track, available on all major streaming platforms, is a deeply personal exploration of the challenges and triumphs that accompany personal growth.

‘Old Me’ is more than a song; it’s a raw and unapologetic journey into Tyra Jutai’s struggles and successes in breaking away from her past. The chorus serves as a powerful anchor, encapsulating the essence of internal battles and the persistent allure of the “old me.” The song’s emotive lyrics, combined with its captivating melody, make it a compelling anthem for anyone navigating self-discovery and change.

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