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Unflirt releases new single ‘Before Dawn’

Written and produced entirely by the 21-year-old singer-songwriter, West-London based rising star Unflirt releases her brand new single ‘Before Dawn’.

‘Before Dawn’ is a dreamy introduction to Unflirt’s musical world, written retrospectively looking back at one of the most painful moments of the young artist’s life. Drenched in nostalgia and longing, the shoegazing guitar passages and lilting production allow for Unflirt’s unmistakeable vocal tone to take centre stage.

Speaking on the track, Unflirt explains: “‘Before Dawn’ is a song about reminiscing and wishing to go back. It’s about that phase when you’re trying to get over something but it feels impossible as you keep going back and forth in your head about what could’ve been different. I wrote it in my room about 2 years ago, and writing it really helped clear my head and almost allowed me to let it go, as I was able to make a really special song about a memory that was extremely sweet at the time but hurt me in many ways.”


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