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Photo credit: Alex Marans

Ursa Major Revelation share new single & video ‘Big Baby’

Ursa Major Revelation (helmed by songwriter/vocalist Ursula Rose and guitarist Dylan Rau of Bear Hands) will share their debut EP, Big Baby on October 17. Following the release a first cut entitled ‘Tar Pits,’ (alongside an accompanying self-directed video), now, the duo shares the EP’s second single and title track, ‘Big Baby.’

As Ursa wrote of the track: “I was engaged to be married by the time I turned 16. Like a natural disaster, this relationship started abruptly and no one in my life saw it coming. I loved him out of fear and I followed him like he was my cult leader. I spent so much time listening to his screaming that I forgot the sound of my own voice. This song is the wakeup call that I wish I could’ve heard at the time and it’s a reminder to never date a baby.”

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