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Yours Truly shares new single ‘California Sober’

A soul-baring ode to being present in the moment, the brand new single ‘California Sober’ out from Sydney alternative trio Yours Truly is an empowered and engaging step closer to the group’s upcoming sophomore album, with TOXIC set for release on August 16 via UNFD.

Raw yet polished and loaded with forward-thinking pop punk hooks, ‘California Sober’ finds Yours Truly’s Mikaila Delgado taking another star turn with power-laced confessional lyricism amplified alongside sharp drumwork and emphatic guitars.

“‘California Sober’ was written during the same period as ‘Sour’,” the band shares. “We’d started working on ‘Sour’ – we were getting nowhere with it. We had a bit of a breakdown; we were crying and talking about things.”

“We were mucking around, playing guitar, and Mikaila started singing about when you come over and your friends are stoned; just sitting there, not wanting to do much. It’s all good and fun, but you can’t enjoy other people’s company and think “I’m not good enough to hang out with”.

“‘California Sober’ is the essence of trying to be present with your friends and loved ones. You don’t have to just put on this facade, this mask, and hide yourself away.”

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