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7ebra announce debut album Bird Hour. New single ‘I Like to Pretend’ out now

Malmö twin duo 7ebra – AKA Inez and Ella – will release their debut album Bird Hour on May 5 via cult Stockholm label PNKSLM (Shitkid, Miss World, Holy). With this announcement they reveal the latest single taken from it, the introspective and austere ‘I Like To Pretend’. Full of hushed harmonies, fret-buzz guitar strums and analog keyboard noodles, ‘I Like To Pretend’is a cautious introduction into their world.

Talking on ‘I Like To Pretend’, Inez details the song’s origins – and the part it played in the origins of the band itself: “This song came about when I was jokingly singing and making up stories with my then boyfriend. The melody stuck in my head and it somehow turned into this song! This ended up being one of the first songs we made together as 7ebra, and one of the first we recorded with Tore. It was also actually the first taste of our music anybody had heard from us for the first few months, as we put an early mix up on YouTube when we first started.”

Refined since this initial peek out into the world, the track is a formative indication of the careful balance the sisters strike between personal stories, and off-kilter whimsy.

Bird Hour:

  1. Secretly Bad
  2. I Like to Pretend
  3. Rude Body
  4. If I Ask Her
  5. Stripey Horsey
  6. Lean
  7. I Have a Lot to Say
  8. Born to Care
  9. Done With the Day
  10. Lighter Better
  11. Wakey Wakey

Photo credit: Ebba G Ågren

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