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Anna B Savage announces new album in|FLUX and shares the title track/video

Anna B Savage has announced details of her second album in|FLUX for release on February 17, 2023 via City Slang. Along with the announcement she has shared the album’s title track with a video directed by Irish filmmaker Rosie Barrett.
Anna B Savage has always asked questions in her music, but on new album in|FLUX answers are no longer her quest. Vulnerability and curiosity have consistently been operative words to describe her work and on her second album she ruminates on the complexities and variables of humanity, the pain or pleasure of love, loss and earthly connection, capturing it all in devastating, elating and powerful ways. The key difference between this and previous releases: she’s not anxious about what’s on the other side. She’s come to appreciate staying afloat – basking even – in the open ended, uncertainty of the grey area.
She confidently explores lyrical themes and musical tones of duality – she’s a true artist and she’s given herself grace to believe that which has been audibly freeing. The resulting breadth of emotion on ‘in|Flux’ is palpable, none-more-so than on the album’s resolutely determined title track, where the line “I want to be alone, I’m happy on my own” is repeated like a mantra as the song descends into an unhinged, jubilant mess. 
Speaking on the track, Anna comments: “’in|FLUX’ exemplifies the ‘flux’ as I see it between two seemingly disparate parts of me; my music, my mind and my creativity. The first half is a close, vulnerable and quiet start, full of introspection, vulnerabilities and a stilted inability to express something. From there, the song unfurls in to a second half that is more certain, more vocal and expressive of self-assuredness. These feel like two states (along with everything in between, as well) that I inhabit simultaneously as dynamic and multifaceted emotional human.”


  1. The Ghost
  2. I Can Hear The Birds Now
  3. Pavlovs Dog
  4. Crown Shyness
  5. Say My Name
  6. in|FLUX
  7. Hungry
  8. Feet of Clay
  9. Touch Me
  10. The Orange

Photo credit: Katie Sylvester

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