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Bile Sister announces new album Living On The Edge; shares lead single ‘Generation Steam’

Bile Sister shares lead single ‘Generation Steam’ from forthcoming LP, Living On The Edge, out July 21 on We Are Time. This is the solo project of Toronto-based multimedia artist and producer, Julie Reich, best known as one-half of micro-tonal rock duo Body Breaks and also as a member of legendary 80s no-wave band, CHANDRA.

‘Generation Steam’ speaks on the tribulations and absurdity of living under capitalism. The single is a wildly fun entryway into Living On The Edge, punctuated by Reich’s propulsive, bright, and unflinching vocals. Buoyant percussion, hooky bass, and Nicholas Kerr’s slinky, angular guitar riffs result in an effortless counterbalance between pop and dissonance.

About the song and its themes, Bile Sister says: “While recognizing it is a privilege to be able to access work and live, do we ask ourselves often enough if we’re happy and thriving? If you’re a person who’s been stuck in the grind, do you question why you must conform to societal structural norms that don’t support you, simply because they were embedded long ago? With the rising cost of living, can this work even sustain you? Why must we sell our souls, is there another way to live?”

The single comes with a wonderfully wacky music video by Leslie Predy. Using looping live-action footage and analog glitches, the video tells the story of a future generation where advanced artificial intelligence takes over.

Living On The Edge:

  1. Real Dreams
  2. Cops Ain’t Helping My Problems
  3. Leiko
  4. Drop Dead Dead Beat (Interlude)
  5. Generation Steam
  6. Can’t Backstab Me Baby
  7. New Life
  8. Healthy (Interlude)
  9. Back To Fax
  10. Have You Seen Your Eyes Lately?

Photo credit: Natalie Logan

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