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Birthh announces cinematic third LP Moonlanded & shares sunny track/video ‘Jello’

Today, Brooklyn-based, Italian-born alt-pop artist Birthh announces her cinematic, kaleidoscopic third studio album Moonlanded due out September 1. Alongside the announcement, Birthh shares the sunny, lovestruck track and video ‘Jello’. On the latest feel-good track, Birthh dives headfirst into a sweeping new crush.

The forthcoming Odyssean LP Moonlanded invites listeners into Birthh’s world, where she revisits her childhood in the Tuscan countryside after unexpectedly starting a new life in Brooklyn. “When COVID hit it just felt like it was gonna be over in a couple months, I ended up not going back home for 2 and a half years. A lot of life happened in that timespan.” Over ten tracks, the rising alt-pop artist makes space for herself to begin to process the life-altering last three years, who she is now, and who she wishes to become. Birthh calls the project “warm, open, and ambitious” and adds, “This is my journey into what it feels like to be a sensitive human in their 20s in the 2020s, through all the pressure coming from within and from the world we were left with. Landing is finding a way to stay present and to love the process, it’s about creating space for ourselves and realizing that each of us is the protagonist in our own story.”

Moonlanded was written, recorded, and produced alongside collaborator London O’Connor in Birthh’s apartment studio, appropriately named The Moonbase. Never one to shy away from emotions, Birthh proudly wears her heart on her sleeve throughout the project, discovering what it means to truly be alive today. Birthh says, “We feel so much and so deeply. We feel the triumph of being alive as much as we feel the struggle that comes with it. All at once.” She adds, “This album is my mom. It’s my dad. It’s my love. It’s my home. It’s the grounding force of gravity and the dreams of escaping it.”

In her newest track, ‘Jello’ out today, Birthh shares a groovy glimpse inside her heart. Eager to give love to all around her, and to her brand new, all-encompassing crush, Birthh says, “I want to show you that part of me, I want to show you what it feels like to grow up in a place like Tuscany and to carry it in your heart. That’s how I want to love you.” Sonically, Birthh adds, “The string section in this song is how you make me feel. Feeling like I’m cruising over Italy on a warm sunny day.”

The accompanying video is a queer love story that takes viewers from Brooklyn to Central Park alongside Birthh and her life partner Storm Higgins, who was also the video’s art director, makeup artist, and stylist. During the song’s dreamy string section, the video follows the pair for a romantic slow-motion jog down the beach at sunset. The sweet visual closes with the two moving into a new apartment and making their new house a home together, ultimately concluding with the best possible outcome of having a new crush. “Our relationship was the ultimate U-Haul experience and I think the video reflects that,” says Birthh jokingly. She adds, “It was really important for Storm and I to show the evolution of our love through a sweet, dreamy lens because that’s what it felt like to us. Sapphic love is often either hypersexualized or dismissed. Coming from a more conservative culture like Italy, it hasn’t always been easy to express my queerness fearlessly. But we’re here, we’re proud, and representation really does matter. I wanted a video that would make 15-year-old me feel more comfortable in her skin.” The video was shot and directed by Santiago Elliott.


  1. Supercharged
  2. Jello
  3. Puppy
  4. Hyperdrive
  5. Friends in the Energy
  6. Somebody / Ship Integrity I
  7. Lightyears
  8. Ship Integrity II
  9. Straight Up
  10. Blue

Photo credit: Allegra Toran

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