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Breanna Barbara shares new single ‘Diamond Light’, and announces new album Nothin’ But Time

NYC-based artist Breanna Barbara announces her second album, Nothin’ But Time out November 11 via Fuzz Club – a raw and immersive trip through the sounds of psychedelic rock and blues, anchored by her forceful vocals and unforgettable songwriting. Sporting a sound that feels classic and of-the-moment at the same time.

She also shares lead single and album opener ‘Diamond Light’, with an accompanying video, which features rolling drums and miles-long guitar lines, as Barbara’s sublime voice cuts through the atmosphere while ruminating on nostalgia and the perils of looking back.

“‘Diamond Light’ is a song about memory and how it can change through your perception of time. Someone once said that life is like riding on a train backwards, you’re moving forward but you can only see where you’ve been. I have these memories from when I was a little girl and the older I get the more I start to see them in different ways. I equate ‘Diamond Light’ to those shimmering moments that stick out in your brain and continue to move through time with different facets and faces, sort of like a diamond,” explains Breanna.

“The video idea came after meeting up with my friend/director Kevin Jacobsen when I told him what the song was about and some memories I had when I was a little girl and how differently I see them now. He came up with this touching storyline that I found sad but also really beautiful. It was shot on March 15, 2020, the day our world changed and coincidentally on my birthday (also the Ides of March for those who are counting, there’s some serious juju on this day.) I will never forget that day just because it was like something out of a movie while simultaneously trying to create one. We had people cancelling left and right because of the news but everyone that did show up was dedicated to making it happen. I cherish this video for so many reasons but mostly because it is a keepsake for the world before. Creating art has never been easy but I’m so grateful we got to make it that day when everything was turning on its head, even just to dance a little.”

Nothin’ But Time:

  1. Diamond Light
  2. Landslide
  3. Nothin’ But Time
  4. Rise
  5. Me Too
  6. Weight of the World
  7. You Got Me High
  8. Exist
  9. Old Soul
  10. Devil
  11. Weaning

Photo credit: Driely S. Carter


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