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Current Affairs announce debut album Off The Tongue. Hear new song ‘Right Time’ now

Today Current Affairs have announced details of their debut album Off the Tongue, set for release on July 14 via Tough Love Records. Along with the announcement, they have shared the album’s first single ‘Right Time’.

To call Current Affairs a Glasgow band may initially seem misdirection. Though Joan Sweeney (ex-Rose McDowall’s Band, Aggi Doom, The Royal We) is a lifer, Sebastian Ymai (Comidillo Tapes, Pissy, Anxiety) came from Chile via York, recently relocating to Berlin in 2021, and new member Gemma Fleet (The Wharves, Order of the Toad, Dancer) alongside Andrew Milk (Shopping, Pink Pound) were persuaded to leave London for the ‘second city’ after touring through with previous bands. However, Glasgow is the heart and hub of the band’s music, musical life and the place where Off the Tongue was solidified and produced.

Written from within the world of crumbling services, broken bonds and wounded spirits, their debut album Off the Tongue rolls off an ecstatic rage, filled with hope for you, them and everyone else.

A call to arms against the fragmentation of the Left, Joan comments on first single ‘Right Time’ saying: “It started as a song to help someone close to me out of a funk and ended up being what I turn to a little too. Musically and lyrically it switches between those double voices of support: one with sympathy and the other to get you out, on and up. When we play it, it always creates this strong energy and makes me feel ready for most anything you could chuck at us! It could be read as a statement of intent for the rest of the record: propulsive and hook-focussed, caterwauling and catchy, but with a positive disposition more from the darker side.”

The accompanying video was directed by Maria Tedemalm, who used Seb’s graphic, abstract art that the band uses for their artwork as a base for the video.

Off the Tongue:

  1. No Fuss
  2. Reactor
  3. Right Time – official video
  4. Riled
  5. Get Wrecked
  6. Regardless
  7. Cahoots
  8. Casual Radicals
  9. Big Limit
  10. Her Own Private Multiverse

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