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Dominique Fils-Aimé reveals details of new trilogy Our Roots Run Deep; shares single & video ‘My Mind At Ease’

JUNO Award winning artist Dominique Fils-Aimé reveals details of her forthcoming album, Our Roots Run Deep and shares the cinematic video to her new single ‘My Mind At Ease’. Our Roots Run Deep is the first statement of a new trilogy from Dominique and follows her award-winning trilogy of Nameless, Stay Tuned! and Three Little Words. This new trilogy will see Dominique look inwards, reflecting on her own emotional and spiritual landscape – her roots. Our Roots Run Deep is out September 22 via Ensoul Records.

‘My Mind At Ease’ is a song that confronts psychological fear. The track works through mental disturbance. Dominique’s sensitive voice applies persistent pressure. “Leave me alone bad thoughts” she repeats, “begone”. The ominous quality of the music initially creates a feeling of trepidation. As the song progresses, the moody atmosphere builds up a certain nerve that helps to fuel a breakthrough. Dominique’s words and emotion fight back and fear dissipates into “restful dreams” as Dominique’s voice rings out “victorious – glorious.” The visually stunning video that accompanies the release was shot on location at the Olympic Stadium, Montreal and directed by Adrian Villagomez, with Mel Charlot, renowned for her work with Grammy Award Winner, Lizzo, choreographing the piece.

While Dominique’s last trilogy conceptualized the history of African American music, the approach is more personal for this forthcoming album and trilogy. Speaking on the creation of Our Roots Run Deep, Dominique says, “While the goal remains a quest for universal connection through musical frequencies, this internal journey quickly brought me to the importance of my roots. It sparked a desire to shed light on our intergenerational treasures rather than intergenerational trauma, using these treasures to address and heal trauma. By being more open and vulnerable, I hope to lead by example and contribute to the dismantling of taboos surrounding mental health, taboos that are all still very present today, especially in BIPOC communities.”

Our Roots Run Deep:

  1. Our Roots Run Deep
  2. Hide From The Drama
  3. Just Let Me Go
  4. To Walk A Way
  5. Or Let It Burn
  6. Give Me A ReasonSome Room To Breathe
  7. The Voices (Intro Vibes)
  8. Quiet Down The Voices
  9. Cheers To New Beginnings
  10. Love Will Grow Back
  11. My Mind At Ease
  12. Feeling Like A Plant
  13. Let Me Go (Bonus)

Photo credit: Jetro Emilcar

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