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Dorthia Cottrell (Windhand) announces solo album Death Folk Country & shares single/video ‘Family Annihilator’

Dorthia Cottrell envisions her music as both a document of love and a reconciliation with death. On her new album, Death Folk Country, Cottrell wards off death through creation – the most distilled form of love. The spirit of love passed on through her words will be the ultimate reward for earthly suffering. Cottrell’s enigmatic presence guides listeners down a path of introspection – Death Folk Country’s massive scope touches upon tales of love, loss, and so much more.

The album’s lead single ‘Family Annihilator’ directly speaks to the unease and tension of Cottrell’s surroundings. “Porch lights keep the demons at bay,” she sings over crashing cymbals and a field recording of birds. “I had never played it before, I kind of brought it out of the attic,” Cottrell says of the song. Despite being over a decade old, ‘Family Annihilator’ spoke to the moment she was in. With the threat of another four years of conservative offices in power, Cottrell thought of family back in the South who would be voting, and remembered something her grandfather, a farmer, had told her years ago: “If a crop is diseased, you have to burn the whole crop.” “‘Family Annihilator’ is a result of me wondering if the whole field must burn today, to save the flowers of tomorrow,” Cottrell says.

Death Folk Country sees its release April 21 via Relapse Records, her first for the label and follow up to her highly acclaimed, 2015 S/T solo debut. All songs on Death Folk Country were written / played by Dorthia Cottrell and recorded / produced by Jon K. and Cottrell at SANS Studios in Richmond, Virginia.

Death Folk Country:

  1. Death Is The Punishment For Love
  2. Harvester
  3. Black Canyon
  4. Family Annihilator
  5. Effigy At The Gate Of Ur
  6. Midnight Boy
  7. Hell In My Water
  8. Take Up Serpents
  9. For Alicia
  10. Eat What I Kill
  11. Death Is Reward For Love

Photo credit: Richard Howard

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