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foamboy announces new LP, Eating Me Alive and share new single, ‘Exit Sign’

Today, Portland band foamboy announces their sophomore LP, Eating Me Alive, out on March 8, 2024 and shares a new single from it, ‘Exit Sign.’

Katy Ohsiek on the track: “One of the main ideas of this song was the feeling of a groove that’s so behind the beat it almost sounds sloppy, but in a cool way. Another big idea was for the main vocals to sound like they are going through some sort of processor/harmonizer (but they’re not!). There’s lots of interesting contrast in this track. Lyrically, it’s meant to evoke the feeling of being bored at a bar with your friends- you’re supposed to be having fun with them, but you’re just checked out and thinking about other things.”

About the new album, Eating Me Alive, Katy continues: “I am so happy with how this album turned out. Unlike our last release, which we created over email during the first year of the pandemic, this record is much more informed by our live shows and the incredible instrumentalists we get to work with. It’s still distinctly foamboy, it’s definitely still fun, but a little darker than the last album. Lyrically, this album details the entire rise and fall of a very complicated and crushing relationship. It’s also about reckoning with the aftermath of your public art, discovering your own queer identity, rejecting heteronormative narratives, surviving grad school, and giving up in a good way. I am so grateful to Wil, our recording engineer Justin, our bandmates, and all other musicians involved in this project.”

Eating Me Alive:

  1. Smoke Machine
  2. Yours or Mine
  3. Burnout
  4. Not A Go
  5. Sarah
  6. Take My Place
  7. He Fucking Texts Me
  8. Song About You
  9. imtryingimtryingimtrying
  10. COOL!?!
  11. Can’t Fall In Love With You If You’re Not There
  12. Exit Sign
  13. I Wish You The Worst
  14. Don’t Let Me Wear Your Sweater
  15. Eating Me Alive

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