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Ginger Winn announces debut LP Stop-Motion & shares playful, flour-filled video ‘Frosting’

South Carolina-born, South Africa-based singer-songwriter Ginger Winn announces her dreamy, enchanting debut album STOP-MOTION due out June 7. Alongside the announcement, Winn shares ‘Frosting’ out everywhere now with an accompanying flour-filled video.

STOP-MOTION, the debut album by Ginger Winn is an alluring body of work that offers a bright glimmer of hope in an often bleak world. It captures the artist’s hopes, dreams and experiences as Winn explores her place in the world and who she might become. Winn recorded ten songs in 18 days with David Baron (The Lumineers, Noah Kahan, Shawn Mendes), at his own Sun Mountain Studios in Boiceville, NY. The ‘Frosting’ video release reveals the album cover to coincide with the project’s official announcement. Winn carefully crafted a body of work that encourages reflection, daydreaming and wonder while simultaneously confronting truths, no matter how difficult it may be. The collection, Winn says, “is a 27-minute carousel ride through a renaissance. You will fall in love, build your dreams, rip down reality, face your fears, reconnect with your inner child, and escape this world for a moment while reflecting on your place in it. A reminder to enjoy what you can, when you can, if you can because the carousel ride won’t last forever.”

Reflecting on working with Winn and the completed body of work, Baron shares, “Ginger Winn is a rare diamond. A mature artist who has not released music before (almost unheard of these days). Her style and songs are diverse in style. They are unified by her personality which is both approachable and a bit mysterious. She has an interesting career ahead of her.”

On the album itself, Baron says, “The album feels like a memoir. It captures that ‘day in the life’ like many of the best books and records. I recommend listening to the record as a unified whole. It is exciting to be involved in the inception of an artist as powerful as Ginger.”

With ‘Frosting’ and its accompanying video, filmed at Early Terrible in Woodstock, NY, Winn pays homage to her short career as a pastry chef and puts the live, careful creation of the new album artwork on full display. The cover features a photograph taken by Tina Baione of a carousel in Piazza della Reppublica in Florence, Italy with tape to reference Baron’s studio and frosting to reference Winn’s old job. The final piece was photographed by Adrianna Newell (NY Times, Vogue, DVEight) to create the finished product. The video is a tribute to the process of deliberately crafting an album, as Winn shares, “This is a surreal version of my inner thoughts while making pastries wishing I was making music, which leads to hand-making the album cover with David Baron–the same way we made the music.”


  1. Off Course
  2. Super 8
  3. Averna
  4. Nightmares are Free, but Dreams are Sold
  5. 8:48
  6. Breaking News
  7. Autumn Leaves
  8. Coddiwomple
  9. Pitta Patta (Grahamsville)
  10. Lightning in a Bottle

Photo credit: Adrianna Newell

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