You are currently viewing Jack River announces sophomore album Endless Summer. The title track & video Featuring Genesis Owusu is out now
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Jack River announces sophomore album Endless Summer. The title track & video Featuring Genesis Owusu is out now

Acclaimed Australian recording artist, Jack River (aka Holly Rankin) proudly announces her highly anticipated sophomore album Endless Summer – due out June 16. The LP offers a world building view of the future. Written just prior to finding out she was expecting her first child, this record is an oasis, something to retreat to amid the apocalyptic horrors of climate disaster – and that was at the forefront of Rankin’s mind when she came to record Endless Summer.

Holly says, “I wrote this album before I fell pregnant, but the reality of the ‘endless summer’ we are entering globally has become even more tactile for me after the birth of my child,” she says. “There is a part of the future beside me now, and she will experience the consequences of all the decisions we are making today. The experience of being pregnant and giving birth has made everything beautifully and awfully real. I think that sentiment plays out in this record.”

Along with the news Jack River is releasing the title track and official music video featuring the much loved and acclaimed Genesis Owusu. The single is an idyllic dreamscape duet and you can watch the video below. A psych-folk modernization of the Beach Boys’ layered, pastel fantasy world – Jack River co-wrote the track with Matt Mason (DMA’S) and co-produced with Matt Corby (Budjerah, Sia, Tash Sultana, Jarryd James), with Owusu sharing vocals.

“Mason had had the verse melody in his back pocket for years,” she says. “As soon as he played it, I fell in love, and the scene of an endless summer was born in our minds. I brought the track to life with Matt Corby – we had so, so much fun layering vocals and finding sounds that kept the song minimal, but potent. Bringing Genesis on to join the track was a pipe dream that turned into reality. He brings his effortless brand of cool, calm and collected to the song.”

Endless Summer:

  1. Real Life
  2. Lie In The Sun
  3. Endless Summer (with Genesis Owusu)
  4. Lucy Sea Queen
  5. Honey
  6. Lie To You
  7. Nothing Has Changed
  8. Paradise
  9. Holy Men
  10. Stranger’s Dream

Photo credit: Robert Agostino

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