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Jill Andrews announces new album Modern Age. Watch the video for the throwback new single ‘Connection’

Nashville singer-songwriter Jill Andrews has announced her new album Modern Age will release on August 18 through Vulture Vulture/Tone Tree Music. Her first new full-length in over three years, Modern Age is an ode to simpler times, an album that goes beyond nostalgia to veneration of what were to so many, the golden years. Andrews also shares her new single ‘Connection’ along with the official video, directed by Griffin Davis. Lush with indie-pop soundscapes and earworm hooks, ‘Connection’ explores the schism between then and now, contrasting today’s tech savvy love with meeting someone the old-fashioned way in an irresistible, roll-the-windows-down throwback.

A few years ago, Andrews went back home to sing at the memorial service of a childhood friend. In mourning, surrounded by relics of her past, the things and people she used to know, she was struck by how much life had changed. Perfectly preserved brick homes, sidewalks on both sides of the street, untouched jungle gyms and corner stores had her calling out for childhood, an age she realised all at once, had passed by. Fridays were a trip to Blockbuster and a couple of Fruit Roll Ups. Freedom was a bicycle and daylight.

“When I was a kid, I never imagined the world would be like this,” said Andrews. “At 3pm, when the bus dropped me off on the corner of Leanne Circle and Paty Drive, the feeling of freedom washed over me. My friends were a phone call or a door bell’s ring away. My Keds were worn from exploring the streets, backlots, and woods of my neighborhood in East Tennessee. Looking back on it now, I feel like I am an observer from the future. In the period of time that I have been alive, so much about human behavior has changed, my own included. This album for me is about looking back. It’s about all the gains and losses. It’s a juxtaposition of childhood and adulthood. It’s the simplicities and complexities that surround both. And figuring out where I belong within it all.”

Modern Age:

  1. 80’s Baby
  2. Connection
  3. High Fives
  4. Better Life
  5. Kids
  6. Wrong Place, Wrong Time
  7. Dark Days
  8. Patience
  9. Sensitive
  10. Boundless Love

Photo credit: Fairlight Hubbard

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