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Joan As Police Woman announces new album Lemons, Limes and Orchids; shares new single ‘Long For Ruin’

American musician and singer-songwriter Joan As Police Woman has released her new single ‘Long For Ruin’. The first taste of her forthcoming new album Lemons, Limes & Orchids.

Sobering and quietly confrontational, ‘Long For Ruin’ finds Joan As Police Woman in a state of existential lament. Questioning and reflecting on the sorrowful state of the world at present, but more so on the role humans play as active agents in society’s ongoing decay and devastation.

Roaring with emphatic urgency and concern, underpinning the song’s mode of apprehension and hopelessness is a bed of cinematic instrumentation and striking production. A scintillating hybrid of indie rock and alternative soul featuring distorted electric guitar chords and shuffling percussion, ‘Long For Ruin’ comfortably sits in a universe that is singularly Joan’s. All of which is further brought to life by Joan’s affecting vocal performance which evokes an air of contemplation and melancholy.

Speaking on the track’s origins and inspiration Joan As Police Woman said: “This song refers to the human race’s seemingly willful move away from ourselves. Away from our interest in listening, in finding commonalities and compassion, communication and love. We seem intent on destroying ourselves. We seem unwilling to share resources. We seem to have turned away from ourselves and in turn each other.”.

The unveiling of ‘Long For Ruin’ comes alongside the news she’ll be releasing her 10th studio album Lemons, Limes & Orchids. Slated for release on September 20th via PIAS, ‘Lemons, Limes & Orchids’ at its core is a record about love and loss. Beyond that simplified reading, it is ultimately a body of work that functions as a nocturne for the expansion of time. A tribute to holding on with a supreme focus on audibly reckoning with our collective collapse and disorientation. It’s about how love leaves us breathless from joy and from sorrow.

Lemons, Limes and Orchids:

  1. The Dream
  2. Full Time-Heist
  3. Back Again
  4. With Hope In My Breath
  5. Long For Ruin
  6. Started Off Free
  7. Remember The Voice
  8. Oh Joan
  9. Lemons, Limes and Orchids
  10. Tribute To Holding On
  11. Safe To Say
  12. Help Is On It’s Way

Photo credit: Paola Kudack

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