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Leith Ross announces debut album To Learn and shares new single ‘Guts’

Buzzing Winnipeg singer, songwriter, and artist Leith Ross (they/them) reveals their highly anticipated debut album To Learn is set for release on May 19. To celebrate the exciting announcement, they drop their most personal and meaningful song to date, ‘Guts.’

Leith says, “This song is about the times in my life that I have been sexually assaulted/experienced any kind of sexual violence, and the ways that the people in my life have let me down after those events occurred. When I wrote it, it was to give myself permission to feel the whole range of emotions that started to consume me. It has a lot of rage, hurt, defeat, betrayal, and even forgiveness. I hope it can be helpful.”

“This debut record o’ mine was written during a couple of major changes in my life,” they continue. “It’s about going through big transitions. Moving, losing, and making friends, deep hurt and betrayal, real and steadfast love, and the years in which I felt like I was truly growing up and becoming something different. Mostly it’s about learning. About myself, about the world, about people, about love. The kind of love I want to foster and nurture until my dying day. To live is to learn and to learn is the best. At least that’s the gist of it.”

To Learn:

  1. 5am
  2. I Just Don’t Think That You like Me That Much Anymore
  3. To Me
  4. Interlude
  5. Orlando
  6. We’ll Never Have Sex
  7. Guts
  8. Ask First
  9. Everything Ends
  10. (You) On My Arm
  11. To Learn
  12. Too Much Time In My House Alone
Photo credit: Meredith Truax

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