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Lesibu Grand announces debut LP Triggered; releases new single/video ‘Anarchy’

Lesibu Grand (pronounced Le-SEE-boo), has announced their hotly anticipated debut album Triggered due out August 16 via Kill Rock Stars. Using modern sounds of celestial pop, punk, and surf rock, each song of the new collection is a poignant reflection of the myriad challenges and triumphs that shape our lives. New wave punk lead single ‘Anarchy,’ arriving alongside a vibrant Jetsons-themed official video, serves as a going-against-the-grain anthem strapped with socio-political commentary on workers’ rights rebellion.

With Triggered, Lesibu Grand offers a melodic remedy for the soul, delving into the raw emotions and visceral reactions that define the human experience. Over the course of three years, the Atlanta-based band, comprised of vocalist Tyler-Simone Molton, bassist John Renaud, guitarist Brian Turner, drummer Lee Wiggins, and keyboardist Warren Ullom, meticulously sculpted an album that encapsulates the essence of our tumultuous society, weaving together threads of personal introspection and societal commentary.


  1. Scary Mary
  2. Hot Glue Gun
  3. Ordinary Girl
  4. Anarchy
  5. Bad Romance
  6. Not Sweet Enough (String Version feat. The Punk Cellist)
  7. I’m Not Sorry
  8. Oh Erica…
  9. Heartbreak Blue
  10. Emotional Disguise
  11. Pull the Trigger
  12. Jennifer, My Girl
  13. We Fuckin’ Suck
  14. Not Sweet Enough
  15. Friends With My Friends
  16. Party, Party, Party People

Photo credit: Nathan DuCongé

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