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Lewsberg announce new album Out and About; share AA-side single ‘Without A Doubt / Communion’

Dutch four-piece Lewsberg have announced their fourth studio album, Out And About, is set to be released on September 15 (self-released everywhere except US, via 12XU). Alongside the announcement, the group have shared new AA-side single ‘Without A Doubt / Communion’.

Lewsberg are named after writer and fellow Rotterdammer Robert Loesberg, famous for his dangerous novel Enige Defecten from 1974. This is one of the band’s main sources of inspiration: the counterculture and big-city cynicism of the 1960s and 1970s. Yet there is also a softer side to Lewsberg’s music and lyrics. On their upcoming, fourth album, Out And About, this side is more present than ever. Rudimentary pop and rock songs are deliberately kept bare, only occasionally embellished with a violin or organ part. In the lyrics, the tendency towards existentialism and black humour is nuanced with an almost naive openness and engagement.

Of their new single, singer Arie van Vliet says: “Of course we’ve always worked together quite closely as a band, but I’d say that this intensified when we started working on the new album. These first two songs are proof of that: Michiel wrote the music, Shalita wrote the lyrics for ‘Without A Doubt’, I wrote the words for ‘Communion’, and we also hear Marrit’s voice for the first time in both songs. Don’t be misguided by the seemingly carefree, maybe even cheerful sounds of the songs: the lyrics add a more serious note to them.”

Out And About:

  1. Angle Of Reflection
  2. Without A Doubt
  3. An Ear To The Chest
  4. A Different View
  5. Going Places
  6. Communion
  7. Canines
  8. The Joy Of Spring
  9. Out For Milk
  10. There’s A Poet In The Bushes
  11. Debbie

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