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Lindsay Clark announces new LP Carpe Noctem

Lindsay Clark is sharing the lead single/video ‘Roses in the Sky’ and announcing a new LP titled Carpe Noctem. Watch the single/video which features William Tyler on guitar below. Carpe Noctem is due out on June 24 via Audiosport Records.

Lindsay shared some words behind the meaning of the single: “I wrote the song spontaneously one spring at a friends house in West Marin, California between tour dates. It’s a song about the purity and sacredness of desire. I was thinking about someone I loved but that wasn’t really reciprocal in the way I wanted, and about the beauty of desire itself – whether for a person, a dream or something else. Sometimes we’re expected not to desire too much or too deeply, but I think longing can be beautiful for its own sake. It was spring and the song moves through all this pastoral imagery that is quintessential to California spring.”

Carpe Noctem:

  1. Evening Star
  2. Diamonds
  3. Better Way
  4. Roses in the Sky
  5. If Colors
  6. In the Morning
  7. Nothing I Can Give
  8. Indigo Dye
  9. Tropical Birds
  10. I Lay
  11. Waves

Photo credit: Myles Katherine

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