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MICHELLE announce new album Songs About You Specifically; shares new single ‘Oontz’

MICHELLE are excited to announce their new album Songs About You Specifically due September 27 on Transgressive. Alongside the announcement the band shares a new single ‘Oontz’, The track eases effortlessly into a silky groove, while detailing the pitfalls of an unstable relationship.

While writing their new album MICHELLE decided to rent out a house in Ojai, California. Surrounded by lizards, the smell of ripe cactus fruit, and endless expanses of sand, they experienced a sense of solitude and closeness they hadn’t before. It shifted the tone of their work. While their earlier music channelled the churning restlessness of the city, these news songs meander and expand into starry shoegaze reveries, slick funk riffs, and lilting 80s synth pop.

The months they spent touring, as well as the experience of living together in Ojai, fostered new bonds between the band. “There are friends I’ve had for almost my whole life who I won’t know as intimately as I know members of this group,” Emma Lee says. “There isn’t really an opportunity for that in any other kind of relationship in your life.” The sense of trust and comfort they fostered with each other allowed them to be more candid and vulnerable in their songwriting too. “It’s so easy to write a generic love or breakup song,” Julian Kaufman says. “But many of these stories are true. We’re coming from a really honest place.”

Their newfound closeness helped them write more vulnerable music. On Songs About You Specifically, the band members express their complicated desires, voice their regrets, and own up to their moments of selfishness. By slowing down, cutting out any distractions, and fostering a sense of communal closeness that necessitated honesty, MICHELLE ended up with a collection of songs that feel like the truth.

Songs About You Specifically:

  1. Mentos and Coke
  2. Blissing
  3. Akira
  4. Cathy
  5. Dropout
  6. Noah
  7. Missing on One
  8. I’m Not Trying
  9. Oontz
  10. Painkiller
  11. Trackstar
Photo credit: Raphael Gaultier

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