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Shadow Show announces new LP Fantasy Now! & share ‘Mystic Spiral’ video

Today, Detroit trio Shadow Show announces its sophomore LP, Fantasy Now! due February 16, 2024 and shares the first single/video from it, ‘Mystic Spiral.’ The band offers a glimpse at what the song is about:

“‘Mystic Spiral’ is an invitation into the world of Shadow Show. The first single off their upcoming album, Fantasy Now!, presents concepts of escapism, mysticism, and a sonic evolution of all that’s come before. Enjoy the ride!”

Three years ago, Shadow Show released their debut album, Silhouettes. Since then, they have dedicated themselves to writing, arranging, and producing their epic masterpiece, Fantasy Now!, while occasionally taking breaks for full length US, UK, and EU tours, as well as obtaining support dates with bands like Automatic, Death Valley Girls, The Nude Party, and the’s, to name a few. Fantasy Now! is a huge step forward from their debut LP, reaching a more ambitious Sgt. Peppery psychedelic vision that includes swirling pop melodies, fuzz guitar hooks, flutes, tympani, backwards surprise twists, and a magical medieval acapella interlude.

Shadow Show’s transcendental triumph, Fantasy Now! was written, recorded, and produced by Shadow Show in Detroit, MI, with the exception of ‘Aunt Maizy,’ recorded live in London, UK. Mastered by Warren Defever (Third Man Records, His Name Is Alive).

Fantasy Now!:

  1. Your Fantasy
  2. The Madrigal
  3. Mystic Spiral
  4. Aunt Maizy
  5. Vertigo
  6. Illusions
  7. Fell Into A Spell
  8. Still A Day
  9. Clown Song
  10. Wizard’s Harp
  11. Don’t Make Sense
  12. On A Cloud

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