You are currently viewing Slow Pulp announce new album Yard. Watch the video for lead single ‘Slugs’ now
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Slow Pulp announce new album Yard. Watch the video for lead single ‘Slugs’ now

Wisconsin-bred, Chicago-based Slow Pulp announces Yard, their new album and ANTI-debut out September 29, new single/video, ‘Slugs’ is available now. Emily Massey (vocals/guitar), Henry Stoehr (guitar/producer), Teddy Mathews (drums), and Alex Leeds (bass) have an electric chemistry, one that allows them to nimbly reach new sonic heights across Yard. Building upon the sticky hooks and dreamy rock seen in their earlier music, Yard crafts together a bigger sound. Through listless guitar, weepy americana, a raw-to-the-bone piano ballad, and belt-along worthy pop-punk, they tackle themes of isolation and the process of learning to be comfortable with yourself, along with the importance of learning to trust, love, and lean on others.

The chords to Yard’s addictive new single ‘Slugs’ are from a song guitarist / producer Henry Stoehr wrote for his crush in the sixth grade, and one of the first songs he ever wrote. The Yard iteration of the song is, fittingly, also about a crush: “You’re a summer hit // I’m singing it,” Massey swoons over a warm wave of guitar fuzz and syrupy background vocals. “‘Slugs,’ put simply, is about falling in love in the summertime,” says Massey. “The song lives in that place where the newness and freshness of getting to know someone turns into a tinge of fear because you realize how much you have come to care about them. I tend to get so overtaken in feelings of uncertainty or impermanence when it comes to relationships. Probably due to having rocky foundations or complications in them in the past. But suddenly, for the first time, I found myself in something that felt safe, with healthy attachment and mutual admiration, and the inevitability of uncertainty became more easily accepted. I think it’s so sweet that the song found this full circle moment in the timelessness of different types of firsts in love.”

The accompanying ‘Slugs’ video, created by Jakob Lazvick and Rich Smith, depicts a hazy desert road-trip, a perfect visual translation of this soon-to-be song of the summer.


  1. Gone
  2. Doubt
  3. Cramps
  4. Slugs
  5. Yard
  6. Carina Phone 1000
  7. Worm
  8. MUD
  9. Broadview
  10. Fishes

Photo credit: Alexa Viscius

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