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SUSANNA announces new album Meditations on Love; releases new single/video ‘Everyone Knows’

Norwegian singer and composer Susanna announces her new album, Meditations on Love, out August 23 via her own label SusannaSonata, and shares its lead single/video, ‘Everyone Knows.’ Having spent five years writing material, Meditations on Love reflects the complexities and difficulties of maintaining love. So many songs celebrate the giddy joy of a new connection or lick the wounds from a break-up, but Meditations on Love explores what happens in between, examining the work required by a healthy relationship and contemplating the conditions that turn love into something toxic. Susannaʼs mastery of balladry is well documented, but on Meditations on Love, she introduces a rhythmic presence new to her work. The result is one of Susannaʼs strongest and most dynamic recordings of her career.

The albumʼs stirring opening track, ‘Everyone Knows’ is propelled by an arsenal of tick-tocking percussion as Susanna admonishes a cheating lover sheʼs le behind while quietly wondering, “How can I go on, without you?” The self-directed video, filmed and edited by Jonas Mailand, explores the idea of feeling alone while being together. It features choreography by Sulekha Ali Omar.

Susanna explains of the song: “I tried to capture the very vulnerable feeling of leaving a relationship and the shame that oen comes with being betrayed. Your world is suddenly turned upside down and you are le with the aching feeling, ‘how can I go on without my love?’ And the ʻlove’ is not just that specific person, but all the things you identify with the relationship, and very oen how you identify yourself, who you are.”

Meditations on Love:

  1. Everyone Knows
  2. Big Dreams
  3. Leave Behind
  4. I Took Care of Myself
  5. Black Heart
  6. Elephant Song
  7. Battles
  8. A Swallow
  9. Where Has the Love Gone
  10. I Was Never Here

Photo credit: Ida Fiskaa

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