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Tusks announces new album Gold; shares new single ‘Adore’

Following two revered albums, Dissolve in 2017 and Avalanche in 2019, London-based electronic songwriter and producer Tusks, aka Emily Underhill, has returned with her third. Gold is releasing on April 12 via One Little Independent Records, and new single ‘Adore’ is out now.

Gold took form slowly over several months spent rewriting and reworking; half created at home in the middle of London and half during two solitary trips to Devon, where many of the songs found their inspiration. In need of some space, away from a shared house that had just been through a pandemic together as well as from a relationship that was coming to an end, she travelled to the south-west. It was here that she would get the bulk of her writing done, recognising there were some things she would have to work through alone, and in no small part it came to her in the form of a torrential storm. Bringing the album back to London, Tusks partnered with producer Tom Andrews to bring the tracks to life from studios like Ten87 in Tottenham and SS2 Recording in Southend.

Synth-heavy and fuelled by emotionally charged layers of heavenly vocal harmonies, the album is densely constructed, meticulously produced and cathartic. Across ten tracks of deeply resonant electronic pop, the soundscapes crafted here sway from the blissful, ambient and thought-provoking, to slow-building ragers. Through pressure and release, Gold explores dynamics, nuances and emotions using an array of atmospheric and kinetic textures as well as Tusks’ singular, powerful voice.

Tusks says of new single ‘Adore’: “’Adore’ is about falling in love with someone at the start of a relationship when you’re asking yourself if it’s a good idea, if you should fall for that person or whether you should keep yourself guarded.”


  1. Wake
  2. Adore
  3. Artificial Flame
  4. Tainted Plates
  5. The Way
  6. Read The Room
  7. Strangers
  8. Gold
  9. Body Ache
  10. Cold Storm
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