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Acclaimed indie-pop duo Tennis is back with a new single and music video. ‘Let’s Make A Mistake Tonight’ is the second release from Tennis’ highly anticipated sixth studio album, Pollen, arriving next month via their own Mutually Detrimental label on Friday, February 10. The ‘Let’s Make A Mistake Tonight’ self-directed official music video is streaming now. “‘Let’s Make a Mistake Tonight’ is all hubris, attitude, and wish fulfillment. I’m turning water into wine,” says Tennis. “I’m reshaping my reality through projection or denial. While tracking with Patrick I kept envisioning the same scene: I’m in the passenger’s seat. Patrick drives with one hand on the wheel and one on my thigh. This song plays us out.”

SZA has shared a video for her SOS cut, ‘Kill Bill’. Taking inspiration from Quentin Tarantino’s 2003 film of the same name, the clip follows SZA as she exacts her revenge on her ex-boyfriend. Directed by Christian Breslauer, the video begins with SZA seemingly happily in love before her boyfriend ends their relationship. Immediately after the bombshell, SZA finds her trailer under siege by a pair of gunmen, sent by her ex. Determined not to be outdone, SZA takes matters into her own hands, suiting up with her sword and enacting her revenge. As you would. [via Dork]

In February, Margaret Sohn, who performs as Miss Grit, will release their debut album, Follow The Cyborg. Already we’ve heard singles ‘Like You’ and the title track. Now, Sohn is sharing a pounding, effects-laden new track, ‘Lain (Phone Clone),’ which has an accompanying video and was “inspired by Serial Experiments Lain, Yasuyuki Uedaʼs anime about a girl whose online self attempts to drag her physical self away from reality.” Sohn adds: “I feel like the divide between my inner and outer self can grow so big sometimes that it feels like I’m being eclipsed by this big cringey monster. I wanted to write this to mock the monster and remind myself I’m not powerless against it.” [via Stereogum]

MAY-A has kicked off a new chapter in style with her latest track, ‘Sweat You Out My System’. Fresh from touring Australia with 5 Seconds of Summer, MAY-A is back with an enigmatic new track. After a mammoth 2022 celebrating her incredible debut album, Don’t Kiss Ur Friends, she has begun a new era with the infectious ‘Sweat You Out My System’.  MAY-A has also shared an official video for the track, which you can check out below. On the track, MAY-A says: “Writing ‘Sweat You Out My System’ felt like it opened so many doors in my brain to other types of music I’m excited to make. A structured collage of rap-style moments, guitar riffs, yelling and hooks. SYOMS is pretty up-front lyrically, it plays on the idea of being completely addicted to someone: ‘Missing you like a little kid/waiting for you to get back/I wish for you in my veins/so addicted it’s insane.’ The whole song stays on theme of the feeling of trying to ‘quit’ someone (hence —sweating them out like drugs), because fuck going back!” [via Dork]

Breakout singer and songwriter Mimi Webb has released her latest pop anthem, ‘Red Flags’. The high-energy track gives fans another taste of what to expect from her forthcoming debut album, Amelia, out March 3. Mimi’s powerful vocals and lyrics are brought to life in the music video, directed by Drew Kirsch, as she takes viewers on a journey of hindsight, revenge, and reclaiming power that every scorned lover dreams about. The song was written by Mimi Webb, Connor McDonough, Toby McDonough, Ryan Daly, Castle, Cirkut, and produced by Connor McDonough, Ryan Daly, and Cirkut.

Chicago’s Bnny released an excellent debut LP Everything back in 2021 (via Fire Talk), and now they are sharing a new music video for their marvellous 2022 single, ‘Breaking Up’. The magically beautiful black and white visuals were directed by Weird Life Films. [via Acute Pop]

Emeryld releases her new EP, Bloodline, featuring the dynamic high-powered single, ‘Take The Exit’ accompanied by an equally hypercharged music video. She is the newest signing on Neon Gold Records, the record label that brought you Charli XCX, HAIM, MARINA, Christine and the Queens, etc.

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