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Here we will be sharing the unmissable new tracks from some of the most exciting up and coming artists in music right now on the roster at Liberty Music PR

Lola Aviva – ‘Don’t Fight Me’

Rising singer-songwriter Lola Aviva releases her latest glistening Motown meets pop single ‘Don’t Fight Me’ this June. With its punchy percussion, slick guitar riffs and soul influences ‘Don’t Fight Me’ sees Lola Aviva produce a ferocious single that is destined to empower and resonate with listeners. The track is immensely captivating and is powered by Lola Aviva’s flawless and sensual vocals which elevate the track to another level.

Soft Velvet Lounge – ‘Blood’

Soft Velvet Lounge may be new, but their presence feels anything but. The dream-pop duo was founded in 2020 like most relationships these days, over the internet. Classing them as indie-pop would be correct, but feels narrow-sighted in the context of the intricacies found in their new internet baby Life Of The Party with focus single ‘Blood’.

Jody and the Jerms – ‘The Harder I Try’

Oxford/Wales six-piece indie-rock band Jody And The Jerms release their latest single ‘The Harder I Try’ via their own label JAT-J, mixed and produced by Mark Gardener (Ride) at OX4 Studio. ‘The Harder I Try’ is a shimmering slice of pop gold heavily influenced by the classic indiesound reminiscent of woefully underrated female-fronted indie guitar bands of the 80s and early 90.

Savi Kaboo – ‘Hurting’

As a singer, songwriter, rapper and producer, Savi Kaboo’s alternative sound and style defy borders and easy categorisation, building a diverse sound that draws on her international roots (American-Egyptian and raised in Vienna, Austria). New single ‘Hurting’ is one of the highlights on the project and stands out with Savi’s honeyed vocals laid over a grimy beat as she sings about the dark side of a relationship.

margø – ‘one bad day’

Hailing from the sub-zero tundra of Edmonton, Canada, margø developed an early love for rock as she grew enamoured with classic anthems by the likes of Joan Jett and Blondie, inspired by their ability to empower millions of fans across all demographics. margø puts a modern, dark spin on the style of her predecessors, and she’s here to serve as the voice for anyone struggling to find their own. Her new single, ‘one bad day’ is an unapologetic, empowering alt-z banger about making the decision to not let a toxic relationship hold any power over your life.

COOKIE – ‘Bite The Bullet’

German-born, New York-raised singer, songwriter, producer and dancer COOKIE. brings a versatile sweetness that packs a powerful punch. Infused with catchy melodies, a memorable hook and a classic-sounding groovy R&B production, her new track ‘Bite The Bullet’ is another impressive offering by the emerging artist and will surely propel her rise in the music scene even further.

Ambiere – ‘Thea’

British singer and songwriter Amber, aka Ambiere, is a rising star that explores the many experiences of life through her music whilst incorporating captivating beats and mesmerising vocals. Her latest single ‘Thea’ reveals a track that is straight from the heart, as we see trademark vocals combine with nostalgic effects for an undeniably alluring affair.

Almost Orange – ‘Infatuation’

Sweden natives Maximillian and Sanna are the Stockholm-based producer and singer duo Almost Orange, heavily influenced by electronic and french house. Their sound boasts a Daft Punk-esque style with their latest single ‘Infatuation’ revealing an ever-on trend, pop-tinged affair.

Muo Duo – ‘Raspberry Rocky Road’

Miles From Space and sister Winter emerged into the music scene as two fresh new talents under their Muo Duo moniker, bringing along their array of alluring vocals, captivating beats and trademark Indie meets Hip-Hop vibe. Having collaborated with rap sensation Mick Jenkins, Grammy-winning engineer Will Borza, renowned California rapper Guapdad 4000 and Casshan, the pair now returns with another pure fire single ‘Raspberry Rocky Road’.

Teghan Devon – ‘Our Garden’

Teghan Devon is a folk singer-songwriter who has been crafting songs together since she was a child. She now releases new single ‘Our Garden’, which is a soft folk song that is pure delight. Blissful, sweet melodies fill the air in this melancholically beautiful folk-pop ballad, where the contrasting harmonies between Teghan and the male vocal are so present and free-flowing, which makes for a captivating listen.


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