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La Luz – the band led by Shana Cleveland – has released a gorgeous new single, ‘I’ll Go With You.’ La Luz is at their dreamiest here, with sparkly instrumentals and soothing vocals, ‘I’ll Go With You’ is a moment of tranquility. The new track is off their forthcoming album News of The Universe, out May 24 via Sub Pop, and follows the two previously released singles ‘Strange World’ and most recently, ‘Poppies’. “This song is heavily influenced by Yanti Bersaudara, a group of Indonesian sisters who released some of my very favorite music originally released in the mid 60s and early 70s,” says lead singer Shana Cleveland on the new single. “Lyrically, this song is a retelling of a dream I had one night when I had gone to bed with the melody of this song in my head. I had some different words in mind, but this sweet little romance dream took over” she continues.

Last year, Suzie True released their sophomore album Sentimental Scum. Last month, the LA rockers shared ‘Angel Baby,’ and now they’re back with ‘LEECHES (PLAY DEAD!),’ produced by Jon Siebels of Eve 6. “This song is about being a life-long people-pleaser and the difficult journey of trying to learn not to be,” the band said in a statement. “Women are taught to fully give themselves to everyone and everything around them, making everyone else happy and comfortable at the expense of our own happiness, comfort, and sense of self. Most of these lyrics are specifically about losing yourself in a relationship, realizing it, and then working towards healing and rediscovering yourself. It’s about the murky area between loving yourself and loving someone else that feels so easy to get lost in.” The track starts off sounding like the Cure’s ‘Just Like Heaven’ before catapulting into their typical punk-adjacent sound, which they describe as “if the Powerpuff Girls started a Blink-182 cover band.” [via Stereogum]

The Meanjin and Yugambeh-based musician LAVELIN has made waves with her dark fantasy music. Her recent single ‘Addicted’ is a seductive, toxic siren’s song, and she has now released a music video to match ahead of her debut EP Forget About Us, out May 24. The 80s-style synth and drum machines in the song make for an alluring journey back in time, and paired with her vintage prom dress and oversized bows, this music video is an eerie retro dream. A divine, dark atmosphere is contrasted with the hyper-feminine imagery of the singer’s flowing pink dress and ribbons, making an ominous, intimate music video that unsettles the senses and perfectly compliments the coquette seduction tone of the song. The creative team for the music video, Jemma Morley, Shannan O’Neill, Luke Wormald & Jayden Bate, made sure to capture a video worthy of the fae. The fairy lights and natural filming environments make an alluring video that invokes a sense of timelessness and placelessness. Though the production had its difficulties, it came together seamlessly, LAVELIN says, “Originally the music video was going to be on roller skates, however with the brutal summer rains and my apparent lack of coordination we ended up throwing those plans out the window and getting creative as a team on the spot to shoot the film.” This creativity shines through in this moody, glowing music video that feels undeniably personal, and only builds anticipation to see what her upcoming EP has in store.

Helena H. Rebensdorff aka Brimheim shares the music video for her new single ‘Into the Ooze’, which is taken from her critically acclaimed album RATKING, which came out March 22 via Tambourhinoceros. The new song follows the previously shared singles ‘Literally Everything’, ‘Brand New Woman’ and Normies’. Her vocals are a force of nature and the songs on RATKING are bold and always take a surprising turn. She effortlesly glides from soft ballads, gut-punching alt-rock to a more upbeat pop sound. Now, she shares the thrilling and surrealistic music video for ‘Into the Ooze’, directed by Heiðrik á Heygum. [via Turtlenek]

Following the release of appetite-whetting single ‘The Thrill Of It’ earlier this year, Liverpool’s Pixey has now confirmed that her debut album Million Dollar Baby will arrive on August 2 via Chess Club Records. It comes after a quartet of smaller projects and was written between her native Liverpool and London. Produced by Pixey herself alongside Tom McFarland and Rich Turvey, Million Dollar Baby is set to unite her love for nostalgic ’90s breakbeats with her flair for modern alt-pop earworms. Speaking about the album, Pixey has shared: “It’s the final form of years of trying to prove myself. I’ve always felt as if I’m so close to something but never quite there. This is the story the album tells; navigating the perception of myself through the male gaze, whilst also trying to take some power back and form my truest identity. The sentiment of the album is this: the path to fulfillment isn’t a performance for others but instead, is a journey of becoming your authentic self.” To mark the announcement, the Scouse songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist has shared the LP’s title track, as well as confirming that she’ll be heading out on a headline mini-tour of the UK this Autumn in support of the record. “‘Million Dollar Baby’ was born from a conversation I had with a girl in LA who was desperate for notoriety,” she has said of her new song. “The track is satirical at its heart, narrating the absurdity of chasing fame and sugar-coated ambition. It reflects a lot of truths I realised while writing the album. The performative nature of the music industry often peddles illusions, and real fulfilment comes from writing the music itself.” [via DIY]

Frances Forever has announced the release of their debut full-length album Lockjaw, set to drop on June 28. The news comes alongside the unveiling of their new single and video, ‘Troll’. Reflecting on the project, Frances explained: “I’m so excited to announce my debut album, Lockjaw. This project contains my favourite songs I’ve ever written, and I’ve never put so much of my heart into something. It feels like my baby, and I’ve spent the past two years perfecting it,” adding, “It’s a dream come true to share this with you. Lockjaw era baby!!!” The newly released single ‘Troll’ is “an anthem for the socially anxious that I initially wrote as a joke after blowing off going to a friend’s party, because sometimes I want to hermit inside forever and become a little monster no one wants to talk to. It feels so good to cancel plans, to make friends with the snails and never wear pants. I created a little world I want to live in when I don’t feel like a person.” [via Dork]

In 2022, Isabella Lovestory unveiled her debut album Amor Hardcore. Now, the Honduran pop and reggaeton singer is sharing the new song ‘Botoxxx,’ and teasing a new LP coming this fall. ‘Botoxxx’ is accompanied by a music video directed by Ariel Poupart and conceived by Lovestory, who explains it is “an exaggerated fantasy of the desire to be beautiful,” she said. “The tension and fear of losing that beauty, and surrendering to the antidote. A contrast between beauty and monstrosity and how they both ultimately need each other. Decadence turned into a horrific fever dream.” [via Stereogum]

Dimmer live bandmate with Shayne P. Carter and fourth member of Mermaidens for their summer album launch tour, it’s time for in-demand Tāmaki Makaurau songwriter Louisa Nicklin to saunter back into the solo spotlight. She’s announced her second album The Big Sulk, produced by the aforementioned Carter and releasing in full on August 23, heralded by hauntingly powerful lead single ‘Thick’. Nicklin’s startling vocal talents will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up straight, as ‘Thick’ lyrically and sonically considers “the concept of leaning into a situation as a means of escaping thoughts” via muscular rhythms and crypt-like, deeply reverberant atmospherics. Directed by Ali Burns and made with support from NZ on Air, the accompanying video for ‘Thick’ is like a fading polaroid of a distant Aotearoa, the morose-looking Nicklin’s loud fashion and gelatinous food feels alien yet queasily familiar when set against her spine-tingling track. She says, “‘Thick’ was an opportunity to play around with strange sounds and fun little riffs, incorporating lots of Shayne Carter-inspired guitar moments. The video was inspired by 70s food and style. We wanted to lean into some of the strangeness of the food from this era — it’s mildly unsettling but you can’t quite put your finger on why.” [via Under The Radar]

Genre-defying duo SOFI TUKKER have formally announced their anticipated third album Bread set to arrive on August 23. It’s preceded by the lead single ‘Throw Some Ass,’ which seems poised to become a booty-shaking anthem—though the provocative song’s subject matter was actually based on a more serious concern: Hawley-Weld’s journey to seek a cure for her chronic back pain. “When the brain is anticipating pain, it creates more pain,” she revealed. “Eventually my neural pathway of pain got so strong that, even when there was no structural reason for it, I became chronically in pain. The inverse was true too. When I told my body that it’s safe and free, I was able to re-write the neural pathway. I was so mentally happy and free in the moments of throwing ass that my brain re-wired itself.” “The song started where I was working on some Brazilian funk-inspired drumbeats,” added Tucker on the track’s instrumental. “This was right after we had spent some time in Brazil at Carnaval last year. At 6:00 a.m., we went into this nightclub under the parade. Someone was playing a baile funk set, and I was blown away. The song really gives the vibe of that club, Carnaval, and Brazil.” The single arrives with a wild video directed by Aerin Moreno, filmed at Palácio das Laranjeiras, the staggering residence of the governor of Rio de Janeiro. [via Flood]

The emergence of Raven Numan as the next crossover hope from the gothic scene gathered traction with her recent single ‘Here For Me’. That combined with her debut track ‘My Reflection’ lured newcomers into her dark creative universe. There’s much more to come from the 20-year-old, starting with the release of her new single ‘Going Down’. ‘Going Down’ adds a thrillingly more visceral twist on Raven’s recent singles. Appealing to fans of the current dark pop scene, its grittier edge, razorblade riffs and clattering rhythms also echoes the greats of the ‘90s industrial scene such as Nine Inch Nails and Front 242. Yet for all its forceful angst and vehement influences, Raven brings a beguiling femininity that gives the track its own distinct identity. Her lyrics further encapsulate her heart of darkness, recognising – and warning against – the temptation to surrender to the one impulsion that you can’t reverse. ‘Going Down’ was written solely by Raven, with production from her regular collaborator Ade Fenton. Raven says, “I wrote ‘Going Down’ during an extremely dark period of my life. I was incredibly suicidal and it was very difficult for me to control my emotions and I ended up hurting a lot of the people close to me. I felt this immense amount of guilt and writing was the only way I could express my frustrations and sadness since it was hard for me to actually talk about it. So that’s what I did, I sat down and wrote exactly what I was feeling. It was a very intense and upsetting process but I felt this relief after I wrote this song, like weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I pray that no one relates to this song but if you do, just know that you’re not alone and these feelings are temporary, life’s an incredible gift.” The ‘Going Down’ video also presents something fresh to the visuals for Raven’s previous tracks. Captured in a blood red filter, it sees Raven’s enigmatic aura at the forefront of her band – part of her artistry that will be fully unveiled with future live shows.

Kobra Paige is known for her diverse musical talents and emotionally charged lyrics, which have helped her build a dedicated fanbase. As she prepares to release her second project, focused on themes of social change, Kobra encourages listeners to seek self-liberation without losing touch with the world around them. Continuing this message, Kobra has released her latest video and track, ‘HOTT.’ ‘HOTT.’ is a high-energy rock-pop song with a dreamy, nostalgic vibe that grabs your attention from the opening guitar riff. The lyrics are intriguingly enigmatic, and Kobra’s vocals shift from soaring above the driving instrumentation to becoming gentle and intimate when the arrangement transitions to a more minimal sound. The track’s dynamic shifts and emotional intensity reflect Kobra’s commitment to exploring a wide range of musical and lyrical landscapes. As the music ebbs and flows, listeners are taken on a journey that is both exhilarating and thought-provoking. ‘HOTT.’ stands as a powerful testament to Kobra Paige’s ability to blend energetic rock with introspective pop, creating a sound that is both bold and deeply personal. Reflecting on her latest single, Kobra explains, “I have been waiting to light a fire under some asses with this song for 2 years. ‘HOTT.’ is about navigating our sense of self-worth in an extraordinarily, convoluted era of social media domination. The lines are getting blurred and we don’t have the mental hardware to separate reality from distortion. Crippling anxiety, increasing levels of low self-esteem, next-level bullying, body dysmorphia, compare and despair culture, amplified narcissistic behaviors, and competition for validation…..These are all parts of human nature but not the parts that were ever meant to be the loudest. Now we let those dark, subconscious beliefs run rampant and dictate who we are and the love/goodness we are worthy of receiving. I am personally still working on figuring out how to engage in SM in a healthy way and not let it disempower me or challenge my sense of self. It’s been a sick, rocky road and possibly the hardest mental hurdle as an introverted, music artist. Time for change, time to shake this shit up, and time to have more conversations about it. Let’s re-anchor in our own authentic truth. I invite you to come with me, in my new music video for ‘HOTT.’, as I check myself into ‘Dr. Worthlove’s Center for Self-Confidence’ , a medical clinic that is truly one of a kind. Dr. Worthlove said he could fix me and make me lovable from the outside in but turns out that isn’t how self-worth works!!” [via Wonderland]

Up-and-coming Anglo-American band Sunday (1994) have dropped their self-titled debut EP. They have also shared a video for the EP’s new single, ‘Blonde.’ Sunday (1994) craft songs inspired by the everyday magic found in the mundanity of modern life. Their music may evoke a nostalgic 90s cinematic film aesthetic, but their lyrics are laced with an acerbic self-aware wit and a dark sense of humor. Composed entirely within their one-bedroom apartment by the songwriting duo of Paige Turner and Lee Newell, alongside their drummer known simply as “X,” their debut EP is a love letter to the universal experience of love, separation and all the associated drama, beauty, and heartbreak that comes with it. The Latest single ‘Blonde’ sets the mood with its swaying tempo, chiming guitars, soft arpeggios, and emotive, evocative vocals. The band describes the track as “a song about reclaiming yourself and finding freedom after heartbreak.” [via Under the Radar]

While holed up in their family’s home in rural Vermont during the throes of the pandemic, Miles and Winter Donnelly AKA Muo Duo developed their unique sound – and recorded their first songs – in a sound booth they constructed by leaning two mattresses together. The rest, as they say, is history. Or perhaps, it was history in the making. Combining elements of alt-pop, indie, and hip-hop, Miles and Winter have received well-deserved fanfare not just for their genre-defying music, but also for their innovative videos and multi-media live performances. Now, the immensely talented siblings have released, ’20th Century Girl,’ the third single from their forthcoming EP, The Muo Theory. “This song showcases versatile production and storytelling, with an emphasis on our vocals,” shares Miles. “We tell the story of a girl watching the world go by from her cell phone. People were not made for this world run by the internet and social media. When your personality is split in so many mirrors it is hard to keep track of who you really are. For the song, Winter does her best impression of Ariana Grande in true vocal pop decadence. It’s pure drama.” The video for ’20th Century Girl,’ which was shot by Trevor Parenteau and edited by Rebecca Chiafullo, juxtaposes a Great Gatsby-esque aesthetic with a story that could only take place in the modern era.

Rita Mae has released her first single of the year, ‘Kiss the Sky’. Co-written with The Naked and Famous’ award-winning artist Alisa Xayalith, ‘Kiss the Sky’ takes listeners between grungy, stadium-ready noise and acoustic, mellow lines. Described as greedy, indulgent, and unapologetic, Mae’s reason behind the punchy lyrics is a want for everything – especially love and power. “This song was extremely liberating to write, because I ask for the impossible, I scream it at the top of my lungs, and while I sing those lyrics it somehow doesn’t seem quite so crazy,” she says. Written and recorded in Xayalith’s home studio in LA, and with Harry Charles on production, Mae says the track came together so quick it basically wrote itself. “It was an amazing song to write,” Mae adds. “One of those magical days where the song just pours out of you and makes sense straight away.” Accompanying the release is an enigmatic music video, directed by Oscar Keys. The clip shows Mae as an ass-kicking femme fatale hungry for love and power in a world of dark villainy and rockstar stardom. But instead of Mae earning these achievements truthfully, she gets it through brainwashing her victims. Filmed in a studio in Auckland, it was all hands on deck as Mae and her dancers went through high energy choreography to perfect the villainous energy her lyrics depict. “A very dear friend organised the dancers and choreography; which was fairly doable in rehearsal – and then suddenly much more difficult under bright flashing lights with contact lenses in!” Mae shares. According to Mae, her new release is the start of her “entering a new era.” [via Rolling Stone Aus]

Irish indie-folk duo Lemoncello are making power moves. The pair’s strident songwriting cuts through the noise, with their refreshing, organic sound gaining a cult following. Self-titled, Lemoncello’s riveting debut album was constructed at Analogue Catalogue Studios, where they both recorded and mixed the album to two-inch tape with producer Julie McLarnon at the helm. Album highlight ‘Dopamine’ is an immediate fan-favourite, a tale of modern life that feels as old as time itself. Lemoncello discuss the endless scroll of social media, being sucked into a tiny screen while the world outside passes you by. We’re able to share the video, directed by film-maker Sophie O Donovan. The pair comment… “The lyrics of ‘Dopamine’ are sort of up-front and in your face and so with the video we wanted to lean into the attitude but also not take the idea too seriously. The amazing team that worked on this with us – with director Sophie O Donovan at the helm – created a world that’s a mixture between bored housewives from the 1950s and some dystopian future where people never leave their homes. The concept for this music video was around nearly since the song itself – we thought it would be funny, the idea of the people we scroll past every day on our news feeds actually appearing in the room – a physical representation of the overwhelming feeling of mental space becoming more and more cluttered. As Claire and I scroll, watching curated versions of other people’s lives, our physical space fills up with the people we are watching. We had such a hilarious time on set with the crew and all the characters who had a gif style action to repeat over and over again.” [via Clash]

Kacy Hill has enlisted Nourished by Time for the new song ‘My Day Off.’ Hill and Sadie Wilking directed the pastoral video, in which Hill and some friends dance semi-nude in a field while Nourished by Time peers toward them through a magnifying glass. [via Pitchfork]

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