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Charlotte, NC’s next rap superstar Gabby Gabanna proves she’s only getting started as she continues to tour and release new music. Gabby shares the official music video for her first new single of the summer ‘Pretty Girls Still Love Trap Music’. Directed by Gabby and Kevin “Surf” Mitchell, the cinematic visual matches a play on the role of a drug boss running a trap house cooking sweets with Gabby’s commanding, undeniable double-time raps.

Cardi B still hasn’t followed up her 2018 debut album Invasion Of Privacy, but it hasn’t stopped her from making hits. Her latest contender for the Hot 100 throne is ‘Hot Shit,’ a track that assembles some big names around the South Bronx’s finest. The invincible Memphis beat-maker Tay Keith co-produced the track with BanBwoi, and it has guest features from Chicago superstars Kanye West and Lil Durk. It also samples ‘The Electric Slide’? That part comes in the context of these lyrics: “I’m connected/ I don’t know what’s longer, man, my pockets or my checklist/ I don’t know who’s colder, man, my heart or my necklace/ Pretty when I wake up, I’m a bad bitch at breakfast/ Too much slide on the op, it’s electric.” [via Stereogum]

Hip hop artist PollyHill aka Paloma Schneideman has dropped a fresh cut in collaboration with production heavyweight Dera Meelan. The pair’s second single together in just under a month, the deeply vibey, introspective track launches today with a stylish emerald green studio vid directed by Schneideman and Frankie Berge. PollyHill says: “There was more retrospective and brooding energy on this night, as a handful of my close-knit collaborators and loved ones, consumed substances, played Nintendo, listened to mixes and pondered the meaning of life. Static is about when you go home, after socialising, and you take your ‘skin’ off, and you’re not making yourself more palatable for anyone, and you’re left alone with your truest self”. [via Under the Radar]

Miami rap duo City Girls follow their 2021 tracks ‘Twerkulator’ and ‘Scared’ with ‘Good Love,’ a new single that’s definitely a bid for summer-jam status. To that end, City Girls have recruited the ageless R&B king Usher. On ‘Good Love,’ City Girls and Usher team up to ride a joyous electro beat. City Girls are brash, and Usher is smooth; the combination almost makes too much sense. Director Daps shot the song’s video at the famous Atlanta roller rink Cascades, and it gives Usher, Yung Miami, and JT a chance to show off their moves. [via Stereogum]


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