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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

risy releases her second single, titled ‘Baby If I Were An Android’.risy’s style is a perfect mix of slow R&B, jazz and pop, with an underlying essence of raw honesty and self-acceptance. As a lover of art, risy kicked off her musical journey through playing the harp, before discovering her fervent adoration for writing songs in high school when she started posting on Soundcloud. With her ethereal Jhene Aiko-like vocals, risy bases the track on the premise of a stormy summer day filled with unpredictable twists. ‘Baby If I Were An Android’ is an anthem for anyone who has ever been in a long distance relationship. risy says about the track,“Relationships involve honesty, trust, commitment and communication. It requires effort from both partners to keep a relationship healthy and alive. I think that the ‘added factor’ of distance in long distance relationships can have the potential to halt a relationship, but at the same time it might not. I wrote this song to highlight my own personal struggles and inner turmoil that came with starting my first long distance relationship, and how half-way through us being long distance, I came to the understanding that it was all worth it.” Listen below.

Leo Waves
Leo Waves describes her music as being a niche of its own with her style being “WAVY music”. She draws inspiration from various artists such as the likes of Jhene Aiko with her soft and airy vocals and Kid Cudi’s authentic versatility and nostalgic melodies. There are also elements of soul trap incorporated into Leo’s style. If you are looking for a music artist who has both sweet and hard hitting energy, then Leo Waves will provide the vibes you are looking for. Her latest single is titled ‘Stp Txting Me’. “‘Stp Txting Me’ is the ultimate song for when you establish boundaries, no longer need someone’s bad energy in your life, and you are done!” she says. “This can be applied to friendships not just relationships, that’s the beauty of this song; the listener can create the narrative which they relate themselves to. We have all had to cut bad people off at one point in our life”. Listen below.

Inward Strange
With an eclectic mix of fuzzy guitars, synth, piano and violin over electronic beats, Inward Strange blend multiple genres into a unique and distinctive sound. With catchy hooks and melodies, driving bass lines and big singalong choruses, the band offer a danceable and multi-textured sound. Sometimes fun and uplifting, but sometimes sorrowful and sinister. Inward Strange is all about unity despite diversity, reflected in its sound, visuals and story, by combining contrasting elements and gluing them all together with their own peculiar style. A fairy with with identity issues, an alien spider with a nervous disposition, and an insecure death god – with the help of an A.I robot from the future that broke it’s programming – Inward Strange are on a mission to save humanity from the dark creatures in the shadows and their robot henchmen. Throwing out genre, the band take ‘pop’ elements from many different styles over many different decades, stitching together a tapestry from them of their own making. With a themed like layer to the sound, each and every song has its own individual feel, whilst at the same time also distinctively sounding like themselves. It all comes from a belief in the right of self expression. To reveal ones own inner strangeness without discrimination. To come together and celebrate what makes us unique. Inward Strange have released their third single ‘Silent Minds’. ‘Silent Minds’ is about people who force their own hateful inner demons out into the world and onto other people. This often materialises as mindless hateful rhetoric that only begets more hate. Listen below.

With Sun
With Sun is the artist name of singer-songwriter and poet Alice Hale. Following in the footsteps of her father, songwriter Keith Hale (Toyah/Hawkwind), Alice began writing when she was 13. Guided by her distinctive voice, Alice’s songs are stories of truth, hope and connection. Her lyrics express a vulnerability, allowing you to go on a journey through the intimate corridors of her life. Tender and therapeutic, often sad but beautiful. Her new song ‘Thirteen Weeks’ is a song about loss. “I wrote it after the devastation of my first miscarriage,” explains Alice. “It’s about my journey with grief and finding peace within that grief. There are lots of joyful stories celebrating the creation of life. But there are also other stories. The less triumphant and glamorous. The quiet, angry and sometimes shameful. This song holds a space for those.” Listen below.

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