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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Purple Drip
In a serendipitous event, songwriter Zorana and music producer Milan found each other. While working on a song, Zorana shared a snippet on social media. Milan was instantly enamored with the promise of this new musical world and they reconnected. When Zorana’s effort in production didn’t result in the best possible version of the track, it was Milan’s expertise that gave the final version its ethereal quality. ‘Embrace all’ is meant to open the listener’s mind and invite them to exploe self-expression. The use of non-routine instruments and spectacular melodies take the listener into a new world of creativeness. The song was born from an intense period where Zorana was rethinking her life and needed to face past burdens she was still carrying. The creation of this song is a reflection of the process by which she pulled herself from the depression, anger, grief, and self-sabotage she was putting on herself. Becoming her own cheerleader, Zorana imagined her future self and what she would say if she saw her now. Her future self is happier and wiser and is able to send her positive affirmations to move on from what was pulling her back. Listen below.

Kayleigh Morgan
Kayleigh Morgan is a self taught singer-songwriter and musician from South Wales, UK. With a unique mixture of acoustic folk sensibilities and a punk rock background, her songs delve into issues of mental health, love, politics and motivation. She has been performing around the UK for around 20 years now, with a few singles released in the last few years and an EP called Settling released in 2018. She has just released her new EP Periphery. The EP is a collection of songs that are on the outside, looking in. They’re all deeply personal but not direct experiences. The track ‘Some Girls’ is about the effect of sexism in our society and has a slightly macabre fairground feel to it. Listen below.

Nicola Mousicos
Nicola Mousicos is a pop/soft rock singer-songwriter from North London. She writes songs about learning and navigating through life’s trickier experiences, personal growth, and love and loss. Her music is similar to that of Holly Humberstone, Sam Fender, Kacey Musgraves (Golden Hour album), Gatlin and Samia – so you can expect to hear trickles her inspiration from them. She has just released her new single ‘Love I Really Need’. ‘Love I Really Need’ is a heartbreak song about struggling to get over someone who you know isn’t right for you. It takes you through the journey of a heartbreak; from missing the warning signs and feelings of regret, to finding moments of strength and the courage to move on. The vulnerable, honest and conversational lyrics are set to seriously pull at some heartstrings. Listen below.

Sydney-based pop artist Nikkita yet again digs deep intomental health themes while leaving listeners feeling oddly uplifted with her second single ‘In The Sky’. Following on from her debut ‘Looking Up’, this new track also undulates between slow vulnerability and unbridled euphoria, but ultimately feels more joyful. The verses are thoughtful and self aware, cresting in a chorus that rejoices in the freedom of disconnection from the world: “I’m better off in the sky” Nikkita assures us. The production also feels familiar, having been recorded at Grove Studios with co-producer Izaac Wilson (DZDeathrays, Tia Gostelow, Chillinit, Huskii) again lending his unique textures to the many layers of synth melodiesthat are fast becoming a signature of Nikkita’s music. But this time the song is decidedly more pop than EDM.”I wanted this track to be lighter and more blissful than ‘Looking Up’ because in many ways it’s the next chapter of the story,” Nikkita explains. “‘Looking Up’ was all about coming to terms with being alone, but ‘In The Sky’ finds the real joy in it. It’s also a celebration of those of us who always seem to have our head in the clouds.” Listen below.

Premanition is an independent Bangladeshi Canadian electro-pop singer, producer, writer, visual artist, voice over actor, and engineer. After releasing her acoustic debut EP Head Games and completing a rotation of local acoustic shows, Premanition rebranded herself entirely in 2020. For this new era, the storyteller draws inspiration from an eclectic collection of artists; ranging from the haunting vocals of Evanescence to the pop melodies of Lights. The Calgary-based artist is currently working on her most ambitious project yet, a full length electro-pop concept album with a corresponding novel about finding love, grief, and fighting for what you stand for. This mixed media story will unfold in a series of music videos, songs, poems and photographs over this year. The project is already sparking interest with her loyal fanbase. Following the release of her dreamy single ‘Heaven’, the electro-pop-artist is now revealing the second single off her upcoming debut album. Titled ‘Worthy’, the self-written single came from a place of exhaustion while trying to reach a level of perfection. With captivating synthesizers and haunting choruses, the new single invites the listener to keep going no matter what. “But are we worthy? Are we worthy? I’m not worthy, no. But I’ll keep trying to be.” “’Worthy’ was written when I was spiraling in my own negativity. I wondered why I was standing in my own way, because of fear or feeling that I didn’t deserve to do something greater – and that paralyzed me a lot of the time. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to do certain things because I didn’t deserve them yet and as I wrote this song, I realized that my own worth is assigned by me. So sometimes, perhaps I don’t feel as worthy, but I keep trying to be. That’s why this song is so close to my heart, it’s a reminder that I am not my feelings and I can keep going – despite the negativity,” she explains. Listen below.

The Sunkissed Child
Yasmina, ‘aka’ The Sunkissed Child, is an artist originating from sunny Lebanon in the Middle East but now relocated in the UK. Through her music and captivating lyrics, Yasmina shares pieces of herself and her life story through a mix of cultures, languages and genres. A place where Neo-soul, R&B and Hip-Hop blend naturally with Lebanese, Arabic and Middle Eastern cultural influences. Accompanied by her 5-piece band of next generation Leeds all-star musicians, The Sunkissed Child brings some much-needed musical sunshine to the cold north of England. She has just released her debut single ‘Come Round Waste Time’. “I wrote this track with the intent to create a summer tune which could fit any sunny situation,” she explains. Listen below.

Rapture 90s
Rapture 90s is a group consisting of Producer Sbu Blu, lead rapper K Hippo and lead singer Cesh. Rapture 90s makes world music that contains elements from music all around the world and blended into one soulful tune. Their lates single is called ‘Sthanwa Sami’. It’s a love song full of energy as it’s a groovy jam. Listen below.

Leonida Dreshaj
Leonida Dreshaj is a 19 year old up and coming artist from Norway. She has been singing since she was 4 years old and sings with a deep vulerability and strength at the same time. Her music is inspired by Jorja Smith, Dua Lipa, Adele and Beyonce. Evoking dramatic soulful vocals like the lead singer Hannah Reid, from London Grammar, while combining a muted piano-pop ballad style inspired by pop icon Adele. Her new single ‘Angel’ merges these two styles into a theatrical climatic masterpiece, as Dreshaj is chanting about the love that could’ve been, but now that love is gone. Listen below.

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