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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

The OhNos

Meet The OhNos, a Swedish quartet dedicated to delivering morbid power pop and energetic live shows. Since their inception in 2014, the band has toured Scandinavia, Spain, Croatia and Switzerland, treating audiences to their melodic mix of 60s ga-rage, 70s punk rock and 90s indie. Debut EP Queens Of The Underworld (2015) was followed by the album Sounds From The Basement (2017). 2021 has been spent on preparing the release of The OhNos’ sophomore album Waving from Hades: 11 tracks dealing with life’s absurdities through howls and hand-claps, fuzzy riffs and swampy blues. Their latest single from the upcoming album is ‘Kiss The Boot’. The band say: ”’Kiss The Boot’ is about hitting rock bottom, but embracing it and inviting others to join you at the bottom. To bow down and kiss the boot. The song is our attempt at sounding like an arena rock band. Hope you enjoy it!” Listen below.


Ellette is a Swiss-British artist and songwriter, born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. She began writing lyrics and melodies when she was 10, and credits Melanie Martinez and Ariana Grande as some of her biggest influences. She moved to London in 2018 to further pursue music and is currently studying a Master’s degree in Songwriting and Production. Meaning ‘little elf’ in old Anglo-Saxon, Ellette has been a lover of Fairytales and Disney for as long as she can remember, so much so that they inspired her upcoming album, Her Own Little Fairytale. Ellette’s pop-infused singles, ‘Charming’ and ‘Don’t Trust Strangers’ will support the launch for her debut album. This project stems from creative collaborations with multi-talented artists and musicians, such as Jagun, Maddie Ashman and FADENT. “‘Don’t Trust Strangers’ was inspired by the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and is about feeling disappointed with the person you’ve met or the relationship you are in,” explains Ellette. “It can also be about not recognising the person you fell in love with.” Listen below.

Emily Mercer

Emily Mercer is a singer-songwriter based in Manchester, UK. With deep vocals, rich chords and punchy hooks her piano-driven songs fit somewhere in the alternative/indie bracket, fusing her Folk, Jazz and Pop influences. Mercer’s songs create drama through soaring melodies, striking harmony and sharp lyricism. Her work has attracted comparisons to artists such as Fiona Apple, Kate Bush, Joan Armatrading and Weyes Blood, as well as to Jazz singers of the past. Emily has released her first single of the year ‘Maybe Then’. Developed alongside producer Andrew Raphael (credits include Blossoms, Everything Everything, Nadine Shah) ‘Maybe Then’, is a cathartic rejection of perfectionism, simultaneously dark and uplifting – a stark atmospheric shift from Mercer’s previous work. The song represents a release, reflected in the tense piano chords and drone-like instrumentation which builds and builds before erupting into a euphoric, crashing instrumental. Mercer says “On a personal level, ‘Maybe Then’ is like a mantra. As artists we have a tendency to get wrapped up in the smallest details, and this extreme perfectionism is the number one enemy of creation. To me, this song signifies the end of waiting for things to be perfect, of waiting to be accepted or validated.” Listen below.

Katie Wellenberg

Many people are familar with those seemingly perfect relationships. Be it their own relationship or people in their surrounding that seem to keep up a façade no matter the costs. Life is messy and so are people. These kind of relationships can be painful and traumatizing and as a result LA based lyricist and screenwriter Lynda Levy and Munich-based singer-songwriter Katie Wellenberg teamed up to create a song about the topic. ‘That Magic Stuff’ pulls listeners into a toxic romantic partnership that looks shiny on the outside, but is empty of true love. The country ballad makes you think of old school country classics by Faith Hill or Martina McBride with a simply, clean production and enticing slide guitars to underline the tragedy. Listen below.


Following on from her 2020 release ‘Cavalry’, Galway composer Lōwli (aka Roisin Lowry) has released a new single. ‘Epiphany’ is the first single from Lōwli’s upcoming EP Otherworld which will be released later this year. A neoclassical instrumental piece, ‘Epiphany’ opens with a playful piano melody accompanied by hushed, harmonised strings. This develops towards a powerful and cinematic peak, an energetic tapestry of weaving string melodies and arpeggiated piano. ‘Epiphany’ portrays hints of Olafur Arnalds, Max Richter and Agnes Obel, while maintaining Lōwli’s distinctively ethereal, enchanting sound. Lōwli describes the composition: “This piece depicts the feeling of a new experience or circumstance in your life. Something that suddenly changes your perspective and allows you to feel clarity and understanding. To me, these moments of clarity can be fleeting but empowering, and I hoped to capture this feeling within this piece.” Listen below.


Luna XIII are a 3 piece band based out of California. Blending elements of doom, sludge, shoegaze, Stoner metal, psych and folk – some describe them as ‘doom-gaze’ or ‘feather metal’ (“somewhere between the lines of ethereal heaviness and some kind of fuzzy haze”, they say). They have recently released their new single ‘Dragging Your Anchor’ off of their upcoming EP Crimson Tides. The track ‘Dragging your anchor’ could be described as feathery doom – combining the intensity of free falling above open flames while simultaneously floating on an ethereal wave – instrumentally creating what feels like a brooding mood. Listen below.

Ashlyn Uribe

Ashlyn Uribe is a 26 years old, queer, indie pop artist based out of Charlotte, NC. With a background in acting and vocal training, she has always loved performing and being on stage. She released her debut single, ‘Take Your Time’ in the summer of 2019 and has been releasing music and playing shows locally with her producer and drummer, Michael Finster ever since. She considers her style to be pretty high-femme, and would describe her sound as bright, warm and aromatic. Her goal is to create a balance between raw, honest lyricism and fun, high-energy production that people want to move to and feel their most comfortable. Her latest single is ‘bleed & bloom’. “I wrote this track to paint a picture of what it feels like to be fully submerged in party culture while battling with social anxiety, the odd feeling of that dichotomy,” Ashlyn explains. “It’s a dance between self-actualization & self doubt. I wanted themes of addiction and mental health to be a part of the song because those things are very real to me and I felt my audience could relate, but I wanted the production of the track as a whole to be ambient, sexy and energetic at the same time.” Listen below.

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