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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Isabel Rumble
Isabel Rumble invites listeners into a cocoon of reflection on the subtleties of love, nature and human relationships. Drawing influence from folk roots, Rumble offers a sound similar to Laura Marling and Lisa Hannigan, with warm clear vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar. Her intuitively crafted songs define an observant and soul-stirring emerging young artist. A revealing and raw track ‘Precious Burden’ explores the intricacies of commitment in a long term relationship. ‘Precious Burden’ is a powerful debut single release and taster of what’s to come from one of Australia’s new contemporary-folk voices. “The first lyrics were written on a plane, as I flew away from my partner and the tiny home we were living in”, reflects Rumble. “I was laying out the gritty realities of a long-term relationship. This person represented both safety and sacrifice, and I was figuring out that this balance will always be shifting.” Listen below.

Kerrin Connolly
Kerrin Connolly is a DIY indie rock musician based in the greater Boston area. Known globally for their influence on YouTube, Kerrin has spent the last decade uploading covers and original songs from home, utilizing anything from frying pans, toaster ovens, bass ukuleles, and everything in between. The time spent video-editing earned this artist a tight-knit and dedicated community of music loving nerds but it wasn’t until 2019 when Kerrin released their debut album Almost. Since then they have regularly peppered streaming services with self-produced singles all throughout the pandemic. A concoction of bedroom power pop and clever ballads, Connolly creates toe-tapping tunes with heart. Their new EP Don’t Be Afraid promises a bigger sound than ever. With 6 songs and lyrical inspirations such as Greek mythology, Mark Twain, and closet-dwelling monsters, there is plenty to look forward to. “This EP in general explores fear from multiple angles. Anxiety, control, facing the big scary stuff, coming to terms with change – but the title track ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ specifically divulges worries within my closest relationships,” explains Kerrin. “It’s about hoping the people you love aren’t scared by the darkest parts of you, which I think everyone relates to on some level. For me, the core of this song is my worry that the way I’ve learned how to love has been damaged by past emotional abuse, and now I’m desperately trying to closet the monstery tendencies. Whether or not this is true, it’s certainly cathartic to work through it to such a dancy bop.” Listen below.

Katie Wellenberg
‘Let You Go’ is Katie Wellenberg ́s second single of her upcoming storytelling album Time Will Tell. Following her progressive Americana-pop single ‘Gambler’, Katie Wellenberg has dropped the first ballad off her upcoming studio album, which is set for release beginning of October. ‘Let you Go’ comes with poetic, bitter-sweet lyrics and the soft vocals, that Katie is known for. “I wanted to paint the emotion of letting someone go with imagery lyrics. Being a hobby painter, strong visuals always grab my attention. In music, lyrics are just as important to my ears as a compelling melody or performance is.” says Katie. The record Time Will Tell takes listeners on a journey from heartbreak to healing via the various stages of grief. “The album took months to be recorded, because I wanted to get things right without compromising. I really honed in on arrangement and storytelling elements and hope that these song babies will be well received.” says the artist. ‘Let You Go’ was recorded and produced by Alex Keogh at Munich Sessions Studio and mastered by Libertree Berlin. Listen below.

Sunday Lemonade
Fizzy duo Sunday Lemonade (Tys and Loz) have released their explosive new single ‘See You Sometime’; a bitter-sweet Folk-Rock treasure disguised as an uplifting Pop bop. The track leads you through the deliberations of two people deciding to part ways, and can be found on all music streaming platforms. After touring the country relentlessly for over three and half years, Sunday Lemonade have well and truly squeezed their way into Aussie hearts. Known for their high-energy performance style and infectious joy, these lemons pack a lotta punch. The pair feel that the new single ‘See You Sometime’ is a new chapter for their recorded music, with producer Spud Thompson (The Midwayers, Coco Michelle) capturing the dynamism and lively spirit that comes with their live performance. ‘See You Sometime’ is the first of a run of tracks due for release later this year, recorded at Elusive Creative in Dromana, on Boon Wurrung Country. “Even after many one-way ticket purchases to leave behind everything that’s comfortable for the great unknown, closing a chapter never gets easier,” explains Loz. ” This song has developed substantially over the years and has travelled with me since it was written, while amidst backpacking and a snow season in Canada, then eventually released as a heartbreak, soft-folk song for a solo project. It was Tyson’s rock influence that really developed the other side of the story, creating an interesting contrast of sombre lyrics blended with the uplifting musicality giving that feeling ofexcitement for a new adventure.” Listen below.

Big Tasty
Aotearoa funk and soul band Big Tasty is proud to announce the release of their new single ‘Diamond Eyed Crazy’. Big Tasty are a 9 piece funk party ready to shake your socks off. Led by diminutive powerhouse front woman Manuela Ovalle Herrera and backed by a full horn section, Big Tasty lay down some hard hitting dance music and will make you groove. For the past few years Big Tasty has been a hard working live band, making people dance at every show without fail, and packing every stage with talented musicians. Regarding the song itself, the band say: “‘Diamond Eyed’ is a depiction of a strong independent woman that at times may be misconstrued due to her outward appearance and ambition for riches. She’s has confidence in all aspects of her character and will not waver from her true self in her journey to find her glitz and glamour. We often take ourselves for granted on what we are capable of and the opinions of others – though important some may be – can actually be a deterrent. What she represents to me is someone with a conviction strong enough to push past any doubts and struggles, that will pave the way to success in what ever form/shape that may take; She represents being true to oneself.” Listen below.

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