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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Noé Solange
Following the release of her acclaimed EP Bound, London based producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer, Noé Solange transcends inner obstacles in new single ‘Bloom’, which navigates self-discovery, healing and growth, whilst crafting an homage to women and their own journey. Uplifting, atmospheric and dreamy, the Dutch-Indonesian artist builds on her distinct sound with this emotive downtempo electronic piece. Produced by Noé between London and Indonesia, ‘Bloom’ is laced with influences from her heritage, cross-continent upbringing alongside inspirations from nature, that shape the ambiance of the record. A rhythmic backdrop of hypnotic synths, organic ambiences and glistening Yangqin strings that traverse throughout, she fully encapsulates the beauty and flow of nature. Woven atop are infectious drums played by Jose Manuel Cubides Gutierrez that propels the track forward with a sense of hope. The bed of delicate textures are complemented by Noé’s serene vocals, coaxing you into her ethereal world. Her words intimate and reflective, as she creates an interplay between optimism and melancholy, whilst also drawing powerful parallels between nature and ourselves. The artist describes “how we too, much like flora, have our own individual journeys of growth and healing, as we take the time to blossom into our own unique self” Listen below.

Sainte is an indie singer-songwriter from BC Canada. I write and release original music. Her newest release is an alt-pop single, ‘Sirens’. Grappling with themes of injustice and blame, ‘Sirens’ tells a siren’s story through enchanting music. “I created an ocean-inspired track, with layered ethereal instruments, and top-lined soaring melodies.” explains Sainte. “The thought-provoking lyrics retell sirens mythology through a feminist lens, using a siren’s perspective.” Listen below.

Clara Pople
Clara Pople is a Cumbrian based soul/trip hop looper with the lungs of a deep-sea diver, the heart of a Barbary Lion and the voice of an English choir girl. Using a vocal processor to create densely layered harmonic backing and drawing on her choral and gospel background, Clara sings to make grown men weep. Clara was born and raised in Cumbria. At school she won a music scholarship and was classically trained throughout. Aged 16, she became head chorister. Since leaving school and graduating from BIMM in Manchester, Clara has kept up her choral singing, most recently as a member of the London African Gospel Choir. Clara has been performing in London since September 2021 and has already played at prestigious venues such as The Sebright Arms, The Windmill and Bush Hall Terrace. The first song Clara wrote, ‘It’s the Girl’ is a conversation between the singer and her dark inner voice –the‘devil on her back’. The story of the girl creeps over a soul-inspired base line, layered with dissonant sounding harmonies. Pushing and pulling back and forth between good and evil, the girl finally submits to temptation -the song climaxing with ‘Show me where the line is. I’ll cross’. Listen below.

Reeny Smith
Reeny Smith is an R&B singer-songwriter from North Preston, Nova Scotia. Her songwriting is influenced by her background growing up singing and playing piano in a family of gospel musicians, though her professional career as a musician really started in 2011. ‘Amber Lights’ was inspired by a YouTube video Reeny watched about a minor car fender bender at a traffic stop. “The accident occurred while the amber light was on and for some odd reason, I was inspired by that idea and this song was written within the next hour,” she explains. “For this production, I wanted to mix old-school soul elements with a modern R&B melody. I went with live instrumentation to help bring out the emotion I want, and really give the song an organic feel. Always be cautious and take your time. There’s no need to be in a rush – whether it’s in love or obeying traffic laws.” Listen below.

Girl in the mirror
Girl in the mirror is a music producer and vocalist/songwriter based in Budapest, Hungary, who releases light, emotional, energetic electronic music since 2018. Thanks to her classical music background, she understands almost all phases of the creative process, from composing, playing instruments, and singing to producing. Visuals that support the story told through her music are also important to her musical world, and she often creates animated videos of the unique world of her songs. New song ‘Törtető’ is about a lonely, overworked individual on the verge of burnout. “They’re determined and hardworking, but what good is it if they get sick one day due to their destructive lifestyle and can’t enjoy everything they’ve worked for?” says the artist. “The sad but powerful lyrics, combined with the melody’s folk music elements, force the listener to look in the mirror and ask: what is truly worth fighting for, and most importantly, how?” Listen below.

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