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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Reeny Smith

Reeny Smith is a Nova Scotian R&B singer-songwriter. Her songwriting is influenced by her background. She grew up in a family of gospel musicians and played piano and sang in church choirs. The inspiration for her sultry new song, ‘Goodbye’ came from a story about a family member. “They were in a long term relationship and their partner wanted to take things to the next level,” Reeny explains. “There was an ultimatum given, and in the end, they said goodbye to the relationship. Originally, this song was left unfinished for a long time and wasn’t intended for anything in particular. Eventually, an opportunity came up that led to it being featured in both season 1 and 2 of the CBC Gem series, Diggstown. I want listeners to be empowered; to feel like they are a part of the story. We’ve all had to walk away from something or someone in our lives and know how that feels. Hopefully this message will give people courage to say GOODBYE to any negativity in their lives.” Listen below.


SUPERSAURUS are the latest indie-pop band to steal your heart away. Sharing endless heartbreaks and hook-ups in the most relatable way. Benji’s unique songwriting style takes inspiration from the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen and Churches. Whilst Tay, Lauren and Becca add the indie-rock layers to complete their own irreplaceable sound. The band grew up on mix of 80s pop and 90s punk, which is easily heard in their music, satisfying any genre craving. ‘Alice’ is the first song they’ve released as a band. They say, “Although we’ve been a band for 2 years and written many songs, when we went in the studio to record, this was instantly our favourite.” Listen below.

Lusa Morena

Lusa Morena are a five-piece band led by Bárbara, a fiery singer from Portugal. Passionate lyrics, catchy riffs and high-octane entertainment shortly sum up this group. Drawing from her own personal experiences with depression and trauma, Bárbara’s brutally honest lyrics are sure to strike a chord with just about anyone. Using poetry and music as a tool for expression and self-healing, Bárbara is a storyteller in her own right. Combine this with the band’s effervescent presence and Bárbara’s rocker girl energy (think Janis Joplin, Ronnie Spector) and you’ve got live music gold. Lusa Morena’s first single ‘Six Sessions’ couldn’t capture their vitality any better. This pumping track tells the tale of how Bárbara dragged herself to therapy because she couldn’t recognise herself anymore. “I mostly write about my own personal experiences with depression and trauma because I don’t know how else to process it,” she explains.”I struggled during lockdown in a way that baffles me still to this day. I met a very dark and twisted version of myself that I had never stumbled upon until the moment I was trapped in a tiny flat, in one of the loneliest cities in the world, in a country that isn’t mine, far away from my family and friends. All of the sudden everything that defined me and made me who I am, had dissipated to the point where I couldn’t make music anymore… I remember crying about it on the phone to Zed (guitarist) because everyone seemed to be using their time to write song after song except for me. He told me to stop thinking about music and focus on my mental health instead. That’s when I started going to therapy and, funnily enough, a few weeks later I wrote the lyrics for ‘Six Sessions’. I loved going to therapy and I was very grateful that I could access it for free, but six sessions aren’t enough and I wasn’t in a position where I could afford therapy which left me feeling very frustrated. Six Sessions was born from all of these feelings.” Listen below.


HEGAZY is a New York–based duo featuring Egyptian-Italian twin sisters Leila and Omnia Hegazy. After parallel careers as solo artists, Leila, a vocally-driven R&B singer and Omnia, an outspoken pop-rock artist, blend together in an eclectic pop-soul vibe reminiscent of artists such as Emily King, Lianne La Havas, Lake Street Dive, and Alabama Shakes. The results: infectious melodies, soulful, duet-style harmonies, and unapologetic lyrics that tug at heartstrings and challenge social norms. The sisters’ band name is an ode to their late father Ashraf Hegazy, and his wish that they join forces musically, as well as the Egyptian heritage that shaped them. Leila and Omnia founded the band shortly after his passing in 2015, while sharing an apartment and writing songs together post-college. They’ve just released their new single ‘Do You Want Me Now’. They say, “We wrote ‘Do You Want Me Now’ about the unrealistic expectations and gender norms that women are expected to adhere to under a patriarchal society.” Listen below.

Gabriella Stella

23 year old Gabriella Stella is a high octane singer-songwriter with a burst of pop energy in a very petite package. Her fierce choices of surprise and righteous raw sound leaves you desiring one more rift. With her previous skills of acting and modeling; it separates her from the wave of other pop artists. Her explosive performances are filled with original choices, possibly eclectic musical ears. Her musical influences are Demi Lovato, Julia Micheals, and Miley Cyrus. Her latest single is called ‘Paranoid’. “I wrote ‘Paranoid’ to be an anthem for people who struggle with mental illness,” explains Gabriella. “I have always had my struggles with anxiety; so the song comes from situations my anxiety has put me through. Trust me when I say that things get better and you can learn how to manage your anxiety.” Listen below.

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