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Intense new track titled ‘Fight Alone,’ from alternative metal band, Motive Black (AFM Records) is out now. Produced by Grammy-winner Nick Rowe (Bloodsimple, Vampire Weekend), the track showcases the vocal prowess of frontwoman Elana Justin, and features Ray Luzier (Korn) on drums and Nick Rowe on guitar, bass and co-songwriting credits. “This song is about losing yourself in passion,” Elana Justin says. “Attraction is a powerful thing, it can be amazing, but also vicious. It can engulf you, and cloud your mind, but also awaken you in ways you never thought possible. Everything feels dangerous and so alive.” She adds: “This song was super intense to create. It’s dark, vivid, and emotional. I felt really raw and almost animalistic when I was writing it. When Ray came in and added drums it brought everything to a new level that I believe only he is capable of tapping into.” Ray Luzier says “Elana’s a very powerful, emotional singer. Her aggressive yet dynamic lyrics are refreshing to hear. I think this record is gonna turn a lot of heads. We really need great, fresh-sounding, new music like Motive Black, now more than ever!!”

After signing with international rock and metal empire Napalm Records and the successful subsequent release of their breakout first single, ‘Wolf Or Lamb’, Germany’s League Of Distortion announce the upcoming release of their self-titled debut album, set for release on November 25. Featuring powerhouse members Anna “Ace” Brunner (Exit Eden) and Jim “Arro” Müller (Kissin’ Dynamite), the unit reveals their explosive potential without ever holding back. Now, they unleash their relentless second single, ‘My Revenge’, consisting of modern melodic rhythms and technical prowess topped with vocal dynamics poised to drop jaws. Having mercilessly flipped the metal scene upside down, their explosive second single shows exactly that: a defying sound with dashing drums and heavy, prominent guitar riffs crowned by Anna’s unique, war cry vocals. League Of Distortion on ‘My Revenge’: “This 2nd song goes out to everyone who can relate to the first lines. We’ve taken too much, but we are not passive anymore. Don’t drown in darkness, be as bright and as different as you can be and set fire to the sun.” [via Brave Words]

Ruby The Hatchet is now streaming their new song ‘Deceiver’ and it’s going to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Between the earworm of a chorus and the heaps of dual guitar leads floating around throughout its runtime, ‘Deceiver’ has more hooks than a well-stock tackle box. So please, only hit play if you’re prepared for that sort of catchiness. “We are really going after our live energy with these singles because ‘Deceiver’ immediately follows ‘Thruster’ in our current set list,” said Ruby The Hatchet vocalist Jillian Taylor of the single. “No break, no tuning – just straight into the next punch. The chorus is powerful and personal: ‘Deceiver, all is not lost, but wide oceans wait for you to cross.’ “From a lyrical perspective, ‘Deceiver’ is written from a hard-learned experience of mine; a common departure on Fear Is a Cruel Master compared to our previous albums. Instead of relating to something medieval or otherworldly, my anger and sadness felt visceral and relatable: wanting to forgive someone dear who betrays you, and finding strength in forgiving and leaving the door open rather than slamming it shut and burning down the house you built together. It is a hopeful song for the wounded.” [via Metal Injection]

Avatarium will release their new record Death, Where Is Your Sting on October 21 and is now streaming the doomed new single ‘Stockholm.’ When asked about the single, vocalist Jennie-Ann Smith, commented “‘Stockholm’ – this a song about hope and the courage to continue even in the darkest of hours. There’s a red thread from our debut album dealing with all sorts of existential questions,” Jennie-Ann reveals. “That’s what doom is to me. I come from a different musical background, but when it comes to thinking about death, I’m a natural (laughs). Avatarium is a vehicle that soothes the seriousness, and offers the sheer joy of music. There are all these layers on the new album; it is intellectual, it is existential, there are serious topics of religion, philosophy and psychology, but you can still just enjoy the music and get lost in the riffs.” [via Metal Injection]

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