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Finnish Rioghan is set to release her debut album Different Kinds Of Losses later in 2022 via Inverse Records. The album has been made in collaboration with Jonas Renkse (Katatonia), Einar Solberg (Leprous), Teemu Liekkala (ex-Manufacturer’s Pride, Red Eleven) and Teemu Koskela (ex-Celesty). Rioghan comments on the ‘Promises’ single: “’Promises’ brings out some new colors and tunes from Rioghan. A bit more aggressive, a bit more djenty, let’s see where it leads. The lyric of this song inspired the overall mood and structure a lot, as it tells a story of violence from those who are closest to you. The song holds some sharp turns and reflects the more progressive metal side of the upcoming album.” [via Metal Goddesses]

Master Dy present a new single called ‘Legacy of Satan’. The band has been causing a buzz on the internet with their wave of surprise releases and has once again caught fans off guard with a new song. ‘Legacy of Satan’ is released in anticipation of the new album with the same name. [via Metal Goddesses]

Hard rock band DramaScream have released their new single ‘Sham’ via Curtain Call Records. DramaScream is a hard rock band from Endicott, NY. The band finalized their line up in 2017 with members: Lauren Eliza , Steve Huff, Greg Grieve and Justin Arnold. Their newest album In Your Mind pulls influences from all aspects of hard rock and metal. Combining in your face screams (often ear piercing) with melodic vocals. The band draws off the energy around them, creating music that hits every nerve. From headbanging to heartpounding, DramaScream lives up to their name. [via Metal Goddesses]

After releasing their introspective seventh album Mea Culpa, where it was already possible to perceive how the environment has influenced their music and what the world was living, Secret Rule, talented players of modern rock-metal, have prepared their new album The Resilient and present the first single/video ‘One More’, out via 7HARD Records. With a dark-cinematic opening, ‘One More’ cuts sharp like a razor blade without making any compromises. With distorted guitars, rumbly drums, and a really angry voice, Secret Rule express their position on the war speaking directly to the guilty who keep pursuing their interests for their dirty power games.

It’s 2022 and Blacklab are back. The self styled ‘Doom witch duo from Osaka’ are set to drop their third album in the Summer. In the meantime ahead of their first appearance outside of Japan at London’s Desertfest, the band are dropping a new single which is a little taster for the sonic mayhem to come on album 3. ‘Abyss Woods’ has all the trademark Blacklab sounds, furious fuzzed up riffs, rolling thunder drums and vocals slipping seamlessly from melodic to full on throat shred. Heavy stoner doom as only these two women know how to do. Add to that a new found assurance in the studio, with production by Jun Morino and mix by Wayne Adams (Big Lad, Green Lung, John, Cold In Berlin) and you have a potent indication of what’s to come on album 3, which is set to ramp things up even further. Plus there is a new video in full on psychedelic doom metal overload mode to whet your appetite for catching them live.

Today the spotlight is being focused on Norwegian solo metal artist Anniken and her latest single off her forthcoming debut album Climb Out of Hell on May 13 via Rockshots Records. Entitled, ‘Spotlight’, the single and album opener kicks is a track that many musicians can relate to. It’s about the anxiety and desire for success along with the love and hate relationship of being up on stage with the spotlight focused on you.

Coming from Iran, the two founding members of Heterochrome have had a myriad of challenges to overcome through the years. One of the outlets they utilize to express these feelings is through music. The latest single off their upcoming album From the Ashes tells two of these stories as they share: “’Time’s Up’ consists of two stories about the difficulties of love and the emotional devastation that comes from it. The first part deals with a deep sorrow from the mentioned devastation in Arash’s life, and the second part recalls a memory from Mida. Arash wrote this song shortly after a life changing period of time and brought it forward, even though it sounded different than their previous work, sounding a lot more simple and raw. Mida’s life story sounds like something out of a telenovela! A very progressive one, but a telenovela all the same.”


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