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Italian heavy rockers Secret Rule have released a video for their brand new single ‘Obsession’ taken from the upcoming album The Resilient out on June 17. This tune is a high-energy mid-time song, heavy and dramatic with an addictive chorus that shows the diversity of Secret Rule’s musical progression. Angela says: “This song is for all those fighters out there who have kept resisting these last two years, somehow. This society keeps putting us in front of difficult choices that could change our life completely. And the question is: do we have to keep fighting even if this could cut us off from society, or is it better to bow our heads and stick to the rules so as not to have problems? Any option would be understandable, we’re living in an unfair world, and each of us knows what is ready to lose. We’re here to give strength to everyone and speak to our community with no filters. But we can’t pretend everything is going well.”

The Sacramento-based quintet Graveshadow – who deftly mixes symphonic/gothic metal with elements of doom, thrash and epic progressive power metal – have unveiled ‘The Swordsman,’ the latest single from their forthcoming album, The Uncertain Hour. The band’s third album will be released July 15. ‘The Swordsman’ is also special as it features guest vocals from Chelsea Murphy (Dawn of Ouroboros, Cailleach Calling, Tegmentum). “I’m really excited to release ‘The Swordsman’ which has kind of snuck up on me as another favorite off the record, explains vocalist Rachl “Raxx” Quinn. “The interplay of the clean and harsh vocals was something I was thrilled with the outcome on. The way they support each other really adds a great dynamic to the song. As a band it was great to have Chelsea guest on the track, her performance is absolutely incredible!”

WARGASM announce their debut mixtape Explicit coming soon via slowplay/Republic Records. To celebrate the project’s announcement, Wargasm share the lead single ‘D.R.I.L.D.O’. with accompanying music video. The new track flitters between electronic and heavy metal as WARGASM give us a taste of what’s to come next. ‘D.R.I.L.D.O’ features a nocturnal bassline as Milkie leads us into a false sense of sultry security before Sam counters with his signature vocals and a fiery guitar riff to match. Speaking on the track “It’s a good bridge between the two elements of Wargasm, which are super fun, sexy, and electronic and also fresh and metal,” Sam continues. “You can clearly hear the both of us. We want there to be two characters in the music. You should have a favourite.”

Eternal Frequency has released a music video for their song ‘A.I.’. The clip is the second installment in the band’s Matrix-esque video series that kicked off with ‘Step Up’. They had this to say about the new video, “Drawing inspiration from cult classic films such as The Matrix, Blade Runner, and The Fifth Element, ‘AI’ offers a chaotic cinematic viewing experience and a look into the future, creating a high-intensity, action-packed visual.” Frontwoman Emelle shared, “‘A.I’ is the second installment of our epic trilogy and this picks up where ‘Step Up’ left off. ‘A.I.’ brings up the unavoidable challenge that every artist will eventually face and that is someone who is not part of your camp telling you what they think is best for you. It is about not conforming to anyone’s preconceived notion about you and refusing to be controlled by the system. This is our message to be who you are in your image alone.” [via Anti Music]

Conquer Divide have released the official music video for the band’s lead single from their upcoming new studio album. The song, ‘Atonement,’ was premiered by Sirius XM’s “Octane”. Guitarist Kristen Sturgis shares, “The song touches on feelings of regret, which we tried to convey in the video. You can see one of our other music videos in the reflection of the eye, for example. They’re watching the time tick by wondering what their life could have been like if they would have toughed it out and put the work in. The hardest things in life are the most rewarding, and life is short. So, if you’re not ready to meet us on our level, then get out of the way.” Drummer Sam Landa adds, “The word atonement is about making reparations; about seeking forgiveness; about feeling sorry for something you’ve done and hoping to make things right. In the context of this song, it’s too late for that – the damage has already been done and there’s no going back. The song tries to capture the feelings of betrayal, of being left high and dry by people who wanted to take the easy way out. The emotions really explode in the breakdown, and the progression mirrors how situations like this can build up in real life. There’s a kind of calm before the storm, and then another sense of calm after. ‘We don’t know who you are’, and we’ve accepted that – just don’t try to come back and beg for forgiveness when you’ve exhausted all of your chances.” [via All About the Rock]

We’re still a couple months out from Arch Enemy releasing their new album, Deceivers, but the Swedish melodeath troupe are back to tide us over with a crushing new single titled ‘Sunset Over the Empire.’ Compared to the Judas Priest-esque ‘Handshake With Hell’ and the galloping ‘House of Mirrors,’ this track is more in-line with the band’s death-metal origins — no clean vocals, no moody experimentation, just skull-crushing riffs and demonic vocals from frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz. “This is a faster song with some manic riffs and a relentless beat that I can envision becoming a ‘hit in the pit,'” said songwriter Michael Ammott. “Lyrically, it’s sadly one of those that seems to ring more true with each and every passing day nowadays…’Words turned to war, brother fighting brother, another false truce, as the people die.'” [via Revolver]

Blackwater Drowning is now streaming ‘Aberrant Leaves’ off their new album Sonder//Satori. If you’re in the mood for a song that’ll kick you right in the teeth and then never stop (think somewhere between Behemoth and Jinjer), and then this one is for you. “This song is about corruption in places of power, and the dichotomy that lies there,” said the band. “An entity that’s supposed to protect and serve you, using you for their own ends to further their own narrative. We worked with the fabulously creative Garrett Barefoot for this video, as he was also a major part of the recording process of this entire album and really understood what our mindset for this track is. We wrote the chorus in the studio with Jon Berrier, our amazing producer, hopped up on energy drinks at about 2am one night, and it’s one of our favorites on the album! We are incredibly proud of this finished product and hope it resonates with this current world climate as much as it does with us when we wrote it.” [via Metal Injection]

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