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The Swedish duo of guitarist/producer Jan Åkesson and vocalist Terese Persson (Tezzi) have announced a release date for their second album together as Infinite & Divine. Ascendancy is out on February 10, 2023, with a first single and video from it for the song ‘LARP’ available now.

Symphonic metal band, Beyond The Black, will release their fifth studio album, which will be self-titled, on January 13 via Nuclear Blast Records. Now, they release a video for the song ‘Dancing In The Dark’. Jennifer Haben comments: “‘Dancing In The Dark’ is about taking the choice to not give in when it‘s getting tough, and to fight for yourself! The song shows yet another musical dimension of the upcoming album and comes with memories of an amazing European tour, where it became a fan favorite!“ [via Brave Words]

Setting off into a new era, metal greats Delain recently returned with a new lineup, impressively proving that they are stronger than any machine with their standalone single ‘The Quest and The Curse’. Fuelled by massive support and enthusiasm all around the globe, the multi-million streaming leading outfit now finally sets the stage for their eagerly awaited next studio album, entitled Dark Waters, out February 10 via Napalm Records. The tracklist merges perfectly with the fantastic voice of new vocalist Diana Leah, showcasing her incredible talent and musical sophistication, which the brand new single ‘Beneath’ manifests. The vocal department holds new adventures with guest singer Paolo Ribaldini, who also highlights the track as the ultimate hymn. Along with a stunning music video, ‘Beneath’ takes the listener into a sinister underworld of the deep. Modern, synth melodies mix with catchy classical passages and ominous riffs throughout the song. Martijn Westerholt on ‘Beneath’: “’Beneath’ is a perfect ambassador of the album and Delain as a whole because it encapsulates almost all of the recognizable DELAIN elements you will find on the album.” [via Brave Words]

The experimental progressive death metal act Entheos have released a brand new single called ‘In Purgatory’ and a killer new video to go along with it. Entheos — which is currently vocalist Chaney Crabb and multi-instrumentalist Navene Koperweis — have always pushed boundaries with their music, taking inspiration from death metal, groove, grunge, jazz, and prog, just to list a few. They stripped down to a two-piece in 2020, allowing Koperweis and Crabb to explore whatever avenues they wish, and the proof lies in ‘In Purgatory.’ “‘In Purgatory’ is a direct extension of our last single ‘Absolute Zero,” says Koperweis. “Musically, the lead guitar and melodies that appear on the outro of ‘Absolute Zero’ became the seeds for ‘In Purgatory,’ and from there, the song wrote itself.” Crabb continued, saying that “Lyrically, it represents introspection and coming to terms with the person that you are at your very core. The video was shot and edited by the incredible David Brodsky and Allison Woest and their team at My Good Eye: Music Visuals.” [via Metal Injection]

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