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In 2023, rising modern symphonic metal outfit AD INFINITUM re-enter the scene with their electrifying third studio album, Chapter III – Downfall, out March 31 via Napalm Records. The unit’s signature sound – consisting of heavy, modern riffs paired with haunting vocal melodies of incredibly talented Melissa Bonny – has positioned them for unstoppable ascension in the metal world. Following the massive stir caused by songs like ‘Marching on Versailles’ and ‘Unstoppable’ this next offering provides another wave of proof of the breakout success they have earned since the release of their debut album in 2020. With their freshly released new single, ‘Upside Down,’ AD INFINITUM enhance this addictive formula while defying all rules, combining epic melodies and demonic growls with finesse. The song goes in line with an impressively energetic official video setting a new standard in the band’s universe. AD INFINITUM on ‘Upside Down’: “As we hit the road for our European tour with Amaranthe, Beyond The Black, and Butcher Babies, we are proud and excited to present ‘Upside Down,’ the first single of our upcoming album ‘Chapter III – Downfall.’ We are looking forward to seeing many of you all over Europe and playing this new song on stage!” [via Tuonela Mag]

Swedish modern metal sensation, Amaranthe, are keen to release their brand-new single, ‘Find Life’, right in time for the start of their co-headlining European tour with Beyond The Black, which had been postponed numerous times. Olof Mörck comments: “’Find Life’ sees Amaranthe exploring a more somber and mature mood, all while keeping our trademark high energy rhythms and explosive riffs. Ethereal layers of keyboards meld seamlessly with a modern pumping bass line, topped off with some of the greatest vocal performances from vocalists Elize Ryd and Nils Molinyet. After quite some time we have reunited with video director and longtime Amaranthe collaborator Patric Ullaeus, for a video that is both intimate and explosive. We wanted to scale things down, and focus entirely on the individuals of the band, and Patric delivered as always!” [via BraveWords]

Symphonic metal band, Beyond The Black, are back with a bang to start a new chapter. Following the release of highly acclaimed tracks ‘Reincarnation’ and ‘Is There Anybody Out There’, the band announces their new, fifth studio album, which will be self-titled and drops on January 13 via Nuclear Blast Records. Watch a video for the new single, ‘Winter Is Coming’, below. [via BraveWords]


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