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Norwegian rockers Djerv have returned with a powerful new track titled ‘Enemy.’ The band’s latest offering delivers a dark and heavy sound that fans will recognize from the band’s earlier music while also bringing an important message, as best explained by vocalist Agnete Kjølsrud, “‘Enemy’ is about facing your own demons. About learning and accepting who you are, and eventually embracing it.” Musically, Djerv once again embraces their heavier side and return to their roots. Drummer Erlend Gjerde states: “It was a lot of fun to explore our more rock-ish side on ‘Throne’ and ‘WDHNM,’ but it feels great returning to the dark side. ‘Enemy’ is a straight-up metal song with a ’90s twist on top. Takes me back. It was so much fun writing and recording it.” [via v13]

Within Temptation have unveiled a standalone single, ‘The Fire Within,’ which was written back in 2019 but never released until now.“When a band writes an album, it often happens that there are too many ideas to make it onto the final track list,” Within Temptation explained in a social media post. “However, those songs that fall through the cracks sometimes make a great B-side or even a single in this case. The song was written back in 2019, but never made its appearance on an album. The track now finds its way to you, as we’ve decided to release it as a single!” [via Consequence]

Okkultist is here to offer you a pretty enticing invitation – meet ’em in hell. And who can say no to a song that riffs this hard? Okkultist has clearly figured out how to make an irresistible riff-based deal with their music. It also helps that the music video directed by Beatriz Mariano and João Pereira will draw you in even more. [via Metal Injection]

After six years of silence, Xandria are finally back on February 3, introducing their new lineup with the brand new studio album, The Wonders Still Awaiting. The pioneers of German symphonic metal have released the album’s title track, alongside a captivating video. The new single combines the impressive vocal range of new singer Ambre Vourvahis and a real choir and orchestra with grandiose, bombastic orchestrations by Lukas Knöbl – known for his work with Hollywood greats like Roland Emmerich. On the new single, the band around mastermind and songwriter Marco Heubaum focus on their strengths and deliver a song perfect for the pre-holiday season. Xandria on the new single: “As one more foretaste of our upcoming album The Wonders Still Awaiting, we proudly present you the title song of it. We think that together with the songs you’ve heard so far, it gives you a hint of what to expect, and that it will be musically about a lot of powerful and magical atmosphere. But every song on this album will be its own little universe to explore, its own story and altogether it will be quite a journey of wonders and surprises…” [via Brave Words]

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, The Damnnation attacks with their debut album, Way Of Perdition, releasing a versatile sound that mixes multiple strands of extreme metal and brings old school thrash to life. Continuing to promote the record, the band has issued the music video for the track ‘Slaves Of Society’. “In this video we decided to do it with a more ‘stage’ feel to express the idea of ​​anger and anguish that is conveyed in the lyrics, a very evident moment now in the country,” comments vocalist / guitarist Renata Petrelli. [via Brave Words]

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