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Rapper Kari Faux has shared ‘Me First,’ a confident anthem with clever bars and a super-catchy hook. The song comes with a cheeky, self-referential music video directed by CT Robert. Kari says of the song, “‘ME FIRST’ is an affirmation. It’s a reminder not to neglect your own needs in hopes of being liked or accepted. It’s really a self-love bop for the twerkers. Get into it!” [via Brooklyn Vegan]

Bktherula is back with her new solo song. ‘TAN’ rides a beat equal part cyberpunk and SpaceGhostPurrp, with BK matching the distorted menace in her boisterous lyrics that stress her authority over everyone else in the room. The music video acts like Bktherula’s own episode of Cribs, if she lived on a boat docked somewhere deep in a remote waterfront suburb. [via The FADER]

GloRilla has circled back with a new track, ‘Internet Trolls.’ Opening up to Eddie Francis on Apple Music 1 about “Internet Trolls,” GloRilla said: “You know me as a person, I make songs off, of course, what I go through or the stuff I see going on, and it’s just a lot of internet trolls. People, they don’t leave their house. They don’t get off their phone. They don’t go outside and see what the real world got to offer. This the song, you know what I’m saying, to let people really know it’s a world outside of the internet. You know what I’m saying? Go explore it. So much fun. A lot of people, they can’t take the internet. You know what I’m saying? They let it get to them. And sometimes it will get to you, but at the end of the day, you got to know that these are a lot of times, it be fake pages just trying to tear you down. It’s just a lot of people trying to tear you down. Some of them may hate they self, but they want you to hate yourself and you just got to know that it ain’t real. You know what I’m saying?” [via Stereogum]

A rising rhymer with the nimble ferocity of a feral feline, Harlem’s Antha Pantha is quickly making her mark on her hometown rap scene. Sending a clear word of warning to trifling haters, Antha drops ‘B.W.A.,’ a brand new video single. A Frankie P-produced banger that combines a bouncy bassline and crisp handclaps, ‘B.W.A.’ (short for “btches with attitude”) provides the perfect trampoline for Antha to launch into her technical, take no prisoners bars: “I ain’t from the West Coast, but I’m from the West Side/But I got me a n*** on the East Side/I don’t pre-record nohtin’, man, I do my sh*t live/Play around with me and you gon’ get the B-side.” ‘BWA’ arrives with a cinematic new video, directed by Renell Medrano. Set on Harlem’s West Side, the video finds Antha and her crew taking care of business, crossing town to confront, and shut down, a group of haters. “I wrote this song because ‘women with attitudes’ is typically looked at as a bad thing, and I want the girls that hear this to embrace their feminine attitude unapologetically,” says Antha Pantha. “Attitude should represent confidence and swag, not just a stank face.” [via Hip Hop Since 1987]

Florida artist Mixbaby has shared a new release called ‘Red Lights’, featuring SCY Jimm. This infectious, energizing track contains engaging, fast-paced bars that showcase her ability to embody and vividly express her life experiences in her lyrics. With sharply-crafted lines and a mic presence that commands the listener’s attention, Mixbaby proves that while she may be young she can hold her own with any in the game at the moment. Accompanied by a sleek, minimalistic visual shot by @andy.vsn that captures the track’s stylish energy, ‘Red Lights’ makes for a slick new release from South Florida’s Mixbaby. Atop silvery keys and a hard-hitting rhythm section, Mixbaby and SCY Jimm deliver poignant, focused bars that enhance the instrumentation’s raw power. On ‘Red Lights’, Mixbaby speaks on the trials and tribulations she faces daily in a city she has grown to love and hate simultaneously, backed by catchy, cathartic production. The new visual features her and SCY Jimm delivering charismatic performances and it uses minimalism effectively, capturing the stripped-back yet luxurious feel of the beat. [via Earmilk]

Praise is a 20-year-old female rapper from Brooklyn, NY. Her new single ‘Finesse’ is a party anthem at its core that gets people moving and dancing. Praise says right when she heard the beat for ‘Finesse’ she had to write to it. The beat, produced by LowkeyMali, samples Afropop anthem, ‘Finesse’ by Pheelz. Praise said “I wanted to make a song that was hype and talk my talk. I want listeners, especially the girls, to feel themselves when they listen to the track and dance. The track is supposed to let everyone know that I’m here. I’ve been waiting my turn, so ‘Finesse’ is a statement piece, something that includes right in the chorus. I hope ‘Finesse’ makes people feel as confident as I did in the booth recording it and gets them hype”. Praise’s attitude on the track coincides with her passion and lyrical intelligence, making for a complete banger.

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