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Just over two years since the release of their debut album, Beyond the Elysian Fields, Italian symphonic metal band Aqvilea presents ‘Activm’, the first single from their upcoming album. The single was released through their label Saturnia Records, mixed, mastered, and produced at the legendary Fredman Studio in Gothenburg by Swedish melodic metal pioneer Fredrik Nordström (known for his work with At the Gates, In Flames, Opeth and more). ‘Activm’ is a powerful and eclectic piece that encompasses various emotions, ranging from symphonic metal to soundtrack to groove metal, evoking the eve of the exciting battle of Actium. The song develops through different atmospheres, touching on Cleopatra’s love, Marco Antonio’s rage, the epic ardor of the battle, and the drama of defeat. According to the founder of the band, Pier Lando Baldinelli, “In Beyond the Elysian Fields, there isn’t a song with so much versatility in less than three minutes.”

Next month, New Jersey hardcore punk freaks Gel will release Only Constant. Gel have already proven themselves as an intense, fervent live act, and they’ve released a bunch of EPs and stray tracks. Gel have shared another new song. ‘Honed Blade’ is a seething, guttural rager that’s less than two minutes long. Gel shot the ‘Honed Blade’ video with director Carlisle Jones, and it’s just them ripping though the song at the Alabama venue and studio Lawnchair Youth. Check it out below. [via Stereogum]

Burning Witches have announced a new album. Titled The Dark Tower, the upcoming album from the Swiss heavy metal band is the follow-up to 2021’s The Witch Of The North, and is scheduled to be released in May this year, making their label debut at new home Napalm Records. Alongside the announcement of the new album, the band have released a new music video for a new song lifted from the upcoming album; the title track ‘The Dark Tower’. Speaking about the upcoming album, and the new single, the band says, “wow that was quick, right? Album No5 is already done and we are back with the brand-new single The Dark Tower. The title track of the new record will fit perfectly into our set list with its relentless beat, the truly epic riffs and the striking but melodic vocals! The theme of Elizabeth Bathory and her infamous ‘blood countess’ reputation was a fantastic inspiration for a breathtaking video clip. We all could relate to the story and its creepy saga and knew from the beginning, it would be a new highlight in the WITCHES history! Last but not least, we want to thank the fans that supported us here and played the extras, in this very emotional and creepy little ride! Enjoy the clip!” [via Distorted Sound]

With their 2021 breakthrough debut album, Within Each Lies The Other, British metal act, As Everything Unfolds, garnered over 20 million streams, international media acclaim and legions of fans alike. Just two years later, the band marks their return as they officially announce the release of their upcoming sophomore full-length, entitled Ultraviolet, out April 21 via Long Branch Records. The band has released a new track, entitled ‘Flip Side’. Singer Charlie Rolfe comments: “‘Flip Side’ is the song with the most frustration, the most surface level anger. But it’s actually a song of relief, a song of a new side of life. Lyrically the song focuses on the feeling about being an artist, being one with yourself, looking at people who put you down, and asking them, how is it living life on the other side?” [via Brave Words]

Following a string of singles last year, alt-metal four-piece Vilify are here to make their mark on 2023 with blistering new single ‘Take The Pill,’ alongside its intense warehouse-set music video. Truly putting the metal in metalcore and favouring the extreme side of things over the “melodic”, ‘Take The Pill’ is four minutes of groove-laden heavy goodness, packing plenty of big distorted guitar hooks, a thumping rhythm section and the ferocity of singer Amy McIntosh’s captivating vocals… and a big, weighty breakdown for good measure, of course. On the meaning behind their new single, Vilify said “This song is about the battle of balance between SSRIs, depression and drive. Finding the balance between what makes you feel alive but what keeps you sane. It’s about accepting different points in life that call for different plans of attack. What worked for you once might not work next time and that is ok. Always striving to be better is what’s important even if it feels unattainable at times.” The video for ‘Take The Pill’ was filmed, directed and edited by Joel Black (Tommirock), full of quick cuts that capture the band’s energy and passion. “We did something super unheard of and did a band playthrough in a warehouse,” the band comments. “Had to be done. There is no concept except showing people that we can dance like queens while we play the heavies.” [via Pilerats]

Scarlet Aura presents new video and digital single ‘Fire All Weapons’ featuring one of the most recognizable voices of power metal – Ralf Scheepers from Primal Fear. The filming took place at the very special place full of history near Bucharest, Romania and continued for 16 hours, right before rehearsals for the Rock United event made by Scarlet Aura, in which Ralf and Doro Pesch were invited guests to play together with the Romanian power metallers. Scarlet Aura comments: “’Fire All Weapons’ is by far one of our greatest songs Mihai Danciulescu wrote for Scarlet Aura and having Ralf with us gives to it an even more importance and charm. It’s a powerful song we made with the intention to show how serious we are on the heavy metal stage and how we’ll continue fighting for our right to be here, to sing, and to make people happy with our music. Ralf is such an impressive artist, he is also a good friend that we’ve got to cherish, love and respect him very much, one of the few that got our backs and that forever can rely on ours. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the song and the video as much as we do, a video that we’ve made with our talented friends Laurentiu Tomoroga, Roberto Stan and Paul Decu.” [via All About the Rock]

The UK band Svalbard have released a new single, ‘Eternal Spirits,’ their first material since the 2020 album When I Die, Will I Get Better?. “’Eternal Spirits’ is one of the most tragic songs we have ever written, yet it is also a celebration of legacy and musical heritage,” the band’s Serena Cherry said in a statement (via Kerrang.) “It is a song about late metal musicians who sadly passed away too soon and the loss we feel within the metal community without their presence.” She continued: “This song is a heartfelt tribute to our metal heroes who are gone but will never be forgotten, because their legacy lives on in the millions of hearts they have touched with their music. It’s crushing when your heroes die, but with this song we want to commemorate our late heroes’ glorious music and the legions of bands they have inspired. That inspiration will never die. On a more personal level, Joey Jordison was the person who inspired me to pick up an instrument. I started learning drums when I was 12 years old because of the energy and passion he exuded from his playing. When I listened to his drumming, every hit gave me a surge of motivation. His creative spark lit a fire within me that will never be extinguished. I’d like to dedicate Eternal Spirits to his memory.”

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