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Filth is Eternal have unleashed their driving, immediate new single ‘Pressure Me’. Friction from opposing forces informs the lyrics on their forthcoming album, Find Out – the title of which could infer emergence from trauma or consequential learning. Regardless of its intended meaning, the title is used as a conduit for the band to push toward positive strides when addressing mental health, addiction, and relationships, with community as a salve. Of ‘Pressure Me’, frontperson Lis Di Angelo explains, “Growth and change can be uncomfortable, even painful, at times. We’re afraid of sharing our misery with others but allowing others in can help us gain perspective to see our current situation in a new light. ‘Pressure Me’ is a roadmap of nonlinear progress. It’s an acknowledgment that sometimes, whether we want to admit it or not, we need the pressure of honest discourse, especially if we mean to figure out the world we’ve built and discover the root of our problems.”

Svalbard have released a video for brand-new single ‘How To Swim Down’, the latest cut from their upcoming album The Weight Of The Mask. Featuring full-clean vocals from Serena Cherry and a violin performance from guirarist Liam Phelan, it’s something a little bit different from the Bristolian metallers. “This song is about the exquisite pain and sorrowful beauty of unrequited love,” says Serena. “I think it’s the saddest, most heartbreaking song we’ve ever written. Lyrically, the starting point of the verse is about concealment of adoration, before the chorus gives way to realising and accepting a fate of loving someone quietly from afar. “I cannot watch the music video for ‘How To Swim Down’ without crying,” she continues, adding that video creator Boy Tillkens “has captured the bittersweet emotion of the song so delicately, it’s an incredibly moving piece of animation to watch. “Musically, ‘How To Swim Down’ saw us dive into uncharted waters with Liam adding many layers of mournful violin parts onto the track. Finally, violins – for the first time in Svalbard history! It feels so exciting to have new instruments on a song. Another first is that How To Swim Down features only clean vocals, no screams. I wanted the vocal delivery of these lyrics to feel as though I’m whispering a secret to someone whilst they’re sleeping. My vocals here represent that lonely type of communication, singing to yourself in an empty house. It’s a private, selfless love song, where only the listener knows of my heartache.” [via Kerrang]

Death Dealer Union are back with a second single from their debut album, Initiation. The band, who are fronted by Elena “Lena Scissorhands” Cataraga of Infected Rain fame, lined up the song ‘The Integument’ as the latest to surface online from that effort. An official music video for it was shot with Vicente Cordero (Cradle Of Filth, Filter) and features the talents of members of the Cherry Bombs. The band stated: “We are proud to present to the world and our fans ‘The Integument‘! A mix of old-school thrash, power and modern metal, ‘The Integument‘ delivers an upbeat vibe with a positive message. Thanks to the amazing Cherry Bombs and Alicia Taylor for lending their unmatched talents to our visual spectacle!” [via The PRP]

Within Temptation, the renowned Dutch symphonic metal band, are set to captivate fans with their eighth studio album Bleed Out on October 20. Bleed Out signifies a bold leap forward for the band. From contemporary, hard-hitting djenty riffs to soaring melodies displaying their symphonic roots, Within Temptation have created a sonic journey that fuses diverse musical styles and thought-provoking themes. Listen to the title track below. [via Metal Planet]

Brutal and revolutionary band Brujeria just dropped a new video from their upcoming album, ‘Bruja Encabronada.’ Their forthcoming album, Esto Es Brujeria, is out September 15 via Nuclear Blast Records, and this is the second single to be released from that album. The video contains live footage taken by Roel Verscheure and Emerik Siimessalmi. [via Metal Sucks]

BABYMETAL have unveiled their first song since being “reborn” with new member MOMOMETAL earlier this year. The new track ‘METALI!!’ features guitar playing from Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello. ‘METALI!!’ comes in addition to BABYMETAL’s latest album, THE OTHER ONE, which arrived in March of this year. As described on BABYMETAL’s website, the new song “incorporates both traditional J-RAP and Tom Morello’s legendary, phenomenal guitar playing.” The accompanying music video features the three members of BABYMETAL — SU-METAL, MOAMETAL, and MOMOMETAL — dancing and performing the song, with Morello appearing at the 2:15 mark to rock his minute-long guitar part that ends the tune. [via Consequence]

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