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Here we will be sharing the unmissable new tracks from some of the most exciting up and coming artists in music right now on the roster at Liberty Music PR

Sofia Ford – ‘Under The Water’
Sofia Ford blazes on the scene once again with her unapologetic new track ‘Under The Water’. The new offering buzzes with attitude and is a song about defiance and empowerment.

Uni – ‘Endless’
Uni is the solo project of singer-songwriter and producer, Christina Borenstadt. She recently unveiled the new single ‘Endless’, a wistful and emotional track that flaunts Uni’s poetic lyrics and dreamy soundscapes.

Grace Love – ‘Broke’
Grace Love’s tenacity and growth as an artist through her time in the industry has evolved to this current era of careful musical curation combined with passion reborn into the new track ‘Broke’. This new body of work, both this track and her EP Work In Protest, showcase a completely new angle for Grace Love, emulating a sound similar to Kasabian and Royal Blood but doesn’t shy away from Love’s vocal wheelhouse bearing similarity to Brittney Howard and Muddy Waters combined.

Claire Brooks – ‘Millionaire’
Rising songstress Claire Brooks, hailing from the city of the angels is well-versed in the art of anthemic productions. Following the release of two genre-bending offerings, Brooks now seeks to uncover an even more raw and direct style of storytelling. Armed with a new take on alt pop and of course her signature jazzy flair, Brooks now returns to the spotlight with ‘Millionaire’, effortlessly honing her natural ability to provide thought-provoking commentary on the world around her.

Azmeryth x Dizzy Bridges – ‘Soothsayer’
Azmeryth x Dizzy Bridges is a collaboration between two indie dream pop projects in which experimentation, melody, and otherworldliness are all central themes. Two artists which met just before the global pandemic, they immediately shared an aligned passion for music, both sonically and creatively. ‘Soothsayer’, a deeply ethereal, prog-psychedelic atmosphere is immediately created by the pair, is a song that holds remnants of Pink Floyd and Radiohead in the experimental instrumentation.

Lenoy Barkai – ‘Just Enough Of You’
Singer-songwriter Lenoy Barkai releases her stunning debut album Paper Crown. Following support across music press, the solo artist see’s the culmination of her singles to date in this blissful full length project. Paper Crown is at its brightest on the album’s lead single ‘Just Enough Of You’. Built around layers of strummed acoustics, swelling chorus tinted guitar, subtle synth pads and swaying bass and drums, the track possesses a woozy sonic warmth under Lenoy Barkai’s ever silky, angelic and effortlessly mesmerising lead vocal.

Firewoodisland – ‘Who Knew’
Folktronica duo Firewoodisland share the beautiful, delicate and beguiling new single ‘Who Knew’. Labelling their sound ‘Mountain-Pop’, combining the catchiness of pop with electronics, the sensibilities of indie and organic elements from folk, the new single ‘Who Knew’ is a prime example of the band’s unique style. Layering glitching, lo-fi electronics with woody, finger-picked acoustic guitars and breathy, melancholic lead vocals underpinned by subtle vocoders and stylistic harmonies, the single quickly creates an ethereal and otherworldly yet grounded and organic beauty comparable to Bon Iver.

Abby Nissenbaum – ‘Shelly Johnson’
Nashville-based LGBTQ+ indie-rock artist Abby Nissenbaum has released her hotly anticipated debut EP Unreliable Narrator. Leaning towards Abby’s more energetic side, the lead single ‘Shelly Johnson’ builds a driving soundscape of crunching guitars over driving bass and drums. Abby’s silky, effortlessly honest and raw vocal delivery gives a central pin, delivering relatable, honest and heartfelt lyricism amidst catchy melodies, beautifully contrasting the energetic indie-rock soundscape which surrounds her.

Mareeka – ‘Give It To Me’
Rock/Pop artist Mareeka releases her new single ‘Give It To Me’. Following on from her debut single ‘Voices’ the German artist is back with her anthemic new single. ‘Give It To Me’ is an energetic rock track that showcases Mareeka’s powerful vocal range as she dishes out a dynamic single laced with hard-hitting drum lines, stirring melodies and rousing guitar solos, resulting in a well-rounded rock track that screams out for live settings.

Energy Whores – ‘Freedom Fadeaway’
New York-based, genre-bending group Energy Whores is back with their latest single, ‘Freedom Fadeaway,’ an innovative, sonic commentary on the recent loss of rights in the United States. The track, best described as “political rock for the dance floor,” mixes infectious synths and uptempo drum beats alongside disco-infused keyboard. Tongue-in-cheek lines about the “book burning barbeque” work well alongside the end refrain, “Please don’t let my freedom fade away,” a perfect balance of jest and sincerity when discussing topical issues such as the overturning of Roe V. Wade and book censorship.

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