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Spanish power melodic metal Dreamyth will be releasing their debut album Aletheia on April 14 via Rockshots Records. In support of the full-length, the band is sharing their latest music video for the track ‘Odyssey’ featuring guest growl vocals from Eduardo Guilló (Crusade of Bards, Sun of the Dying). The band explains the track in further detail: “‘Odyssey’ has one of our favourites choruses, epic and melodic where the vocalists show their power. It is the first song on the album, a drum roll moved by the wind breaks the silence to lead the way to one of the heaviest tracks on the record, powerful riffs and synthesizers command, and without knowing very well how, the adventure begins. Andrea and Edu introduce themselves in a combination of beautiful melodies and raw growls answering each other. The Etesian winds, those that mysteriously brought them here, predict a change. Before you know it, you’ll be right into the chorus, one of the catchiest on the album, a main melody sung by Andrea accompanied by numerous backing vocals from Dani, who bursts onto the scene without going unnoticed, plus even more guttural responses from Edu, three distinct vocal lines that merge at the end of the chorus to give it a force out of the ordinary. Bravery! Odyssey! Are the Battle Cries. Melodic, a lot of dynamism between the different vocal registers that our singers display here. With more vocal ornaments than instrumental compared to others, Odyssey is called to be one of the favorites of the album as it is for us.”

Rising modern symphonic metal stars, Ad Infinitum, entices its audience with their latest single, ‘From The Ashes’. The track marks the next offering, cut from their upcoming third album, Chapter III – Downfall, set to be released on March 31. The new hit, ‘From The Ashes’, crashes in with a grandiose guitar solo that sets the tone for an epic experience. Melissa Bonny’s captivating vocals in the verses and powerful choruses will undoubtedly charm and energize the audience. The distorted guitars provide an electrifying atmosphere, especially during the intense djent-filled breakdown leading to the mighty finale. Experience the stunning resonance of this song’s modern sound, guaranteed to turn heads and win over legions of new fans. The haunting and heavy ambience of ‘From The Ashes’ is artfully complemented by a powerful and bombastic music video that magnifies the impact of this incredible track. Ad Infinitum on ‘From The Ashes’: “As the release of our third album Chapter III – Downfall approaches, we are proud to reveal a more progressive creation, together with a video that symbolizes the rebirth of the phoenix, rising again from the ashes. This video definitely warms up the room by a few degrees. Don’t try this at home, kids!” [via Brave Words]

German doom-trap trailblazer Mimi Barks has shared another video from her DEADGIRL mixtape, for the seething ’10.steps.back.’ In keeping with the song’s lyrics – ‘Watch them from a distance and keep the distance / Fighting snakes with snakes’ – the clip finds her surrounded by snakes. The track forms part of DEADGIRL‘s arc of sinking to the bottom, and from there being cleansed and reborn as the person you want to be. “The whole album is a full cycle around the idea of the DEADGIRL,” Mimi explained to Kerrang! on the album’s release. “The first songs are heavier, more aggressive, and kind of filled with delusional aloofness and narcissism, to self-hatred, or hate for the world, but also chaos in my brain. Throughout the album, I’m going through the process of self-growth through spirituality.That whole era of suffering and self-destruction is kind of concluded by reconnecting to my higher self and being content with what I do, and learning to self-love. [The song] SUICIDE is the suicide of my younger self. That leads to the awakening. That is what the whole album is about, to go through the darkness and come out of the other end of it, towards light. It’s literally a journey from self-hating to self-healing.” [via Kerrang!]

March 17 will see ELYSION release Bring Out Your Dead through Massacre Records. Following the previously-released, first album single ‘Crossing Over’, the quintet has shared a music video for the song ‘Raid The Universe’. Says the band: “This song is influenced by one of Christianna’s top favorite movie of all time: Dracula, and we consider this to be one of the rather “alternative” ELYSION songs. The second we heard the first riff, we totally fell in love with it, and Christianna immediately had this idea of travelling through space. What greater proof of love and faith for one than to travel through worlds to join your beloved again! Our first animated video clip represents this concept best, as it features a spaceship travelling through different dimensions.” [via Rock n Load]

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