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Break Me Down proudly present its first single with the new line-up: ‘See Me Fall’. A radical change of genre that primarily emphasizes the versatility of the musicians and, above all, the singing skills of the singer Veronica Driven. Laerte, founder and guitarist of the band, explains the concept behind the new single: “We were inspired by the villains in fairy tales. We wanted to give them a voice and tell their story, their feelings. Because in real life, when we are wronged, each of us can become bad and feel the desire to do evil, to take revenge. It is not true that we are only good or only bad. It depends on the situations we live in and which we are forced to face. With this song our bad side wins. The song tells about Stefano’s betrayal of Maleficent who, feeling hurt, becomes evil to get her revenge and in the end she gets it! With this new work we wanted to change direction, and we pushed ourselves towards harder sounds that could help us to better express the issues we faced “. Veronica, regarding the video, adds: “During the filming of the video, inspired by Stefano’s betrayal of Maleficent, there were some funny episodes: in particular several scenes required that the actress in the role of Maleficent at some point blinded by anger, spat in the direction of the actor who impersonated Stefano. The girl, a busker – street artist – who sings the songs of Disney’s princesses to the children, was in total embarrassment because this gesture was the most distant from her and she didn’t know how to do it. The scene was redone about a dozen times because it was a constant laugh… ah! Don’t be scared, we know that the virus is still around, between the two protagonists there was a Plexiglas wall and no actor was bullied during the shooting”. The story in the music video has a never-seen-before characteristic. There will be a double ending to the events: the ultimate destiny of the protagonists is in the hands of the viewer, who is in charge of deciding the outcome of the story! The only piece of advice we can give you is simply to behave just like with Marvel movies… do not run away when the credits are rolling!

Heriot make metalcore that’s so ear-bleedingly heavy — nuclear-sized bass rumbles, head-bashing drums and skin-searing guitar tones — it’ll send death and black metal purists back to the practice room with their heads hung in shame. Their long-awaited debut EP, Profound Morality, does offer a few stray moments of eerie cleans and ambient swells to temporarily stop the bleeding, but standout ‘Carmine (Fills the Hollow)’ supplies no such respite. Just cruel sonic subordination from start to finish — which is what Heriot do best. [via Revolver]

While Yatra‘s 2020 album dragged tattered black-metal vocals into their churning sludge-stoner jams, no fan could’ve guessed that their next LP would be a full front-flip into straight-up death metal. But that’s what happened, and we’re here for it. ‘Death Cantation’ is faster than anything the Maryland crew have ever penned, with galloping blast-beats and head-crushing groove breaks rumbling beneath deliciously savage OSDM riffage that’s imbued with an ever-so-slight trace of their bluesy origins. The vocals are utterly monstrous. [via Revolver]

The Machinist has had one hell of a time throughout the pandemic, between line-up changes and personal struggles. Now the band is airing out all their anger and frustration in a new single called ‘All Is Not Well’ and is it excellent. Sure it’s pissed, but the writing and the performance of the song really bring that anger to life in a pointed way. “Writing and recording for this album was incredible. I worked with both Ricky Armelino and my fiancé Brian Ginzberg to put together the best possible lyrics, vocal melodies and patterns,” said vocalist Amanda Gjelaj. “Also, I wanted to make sure that what The Machinist believes in, stands for and are against as a band is heard. ‘All is Not Well’ and ‘P.I.G.’, for example, are both completely different songs speaking about different issues with different sounds to them. Throughout the whole album numerous things are brought up from mental health, aliens, losing a loved one and political and global issues. It has variety and a lot of meaning. I really hope it connects with our fans as this is something I personally love to do and I know the rest of The Machinist does as well.” The Machinist’s new album All Is Not Well is out July 8. [via Metal Injection]

Heavy fusion force SUMO CYCO finally returned to the road in North America last week on their current spring tour with rock icons Buckcherry and special guests Blacktop Mojo. The band is now thrilled to announce that after a slew of subsequent headline dates with support from Black Satellite, they will continue on the road with Awake at Last in support of Icon For Hire, joining on June 18 in Lancaster, PA. In celebration of this new tour announcement, SUMO CYCO has just dropped a brand new, high-voltage music video for their deliciously chaotic Initiation track ‘Cyclone.’ Experience the unique, trademark sound of SUMO CYCO alongside a visual showcasing band energetically performing as frontwoman Skye “Sever” Sweetnam finds herself in a stormy predicament. Frontwoman Skye “Sever” Sweetnam says about the ‘Cyclone’ video: “‘Cyclone’ was written about the unpredictable scenarios life can throw at us all. We just have to hang on.” [via Outburn]

The time has come to wield your sword and charge back to the battlefield, as this summer, Finnish heavy metal force BATTLELORE returns with a brand new record. Following their previously released first single ‘Firekeeper’, now the Lappeenranta-based fantasy metal warriors showcase their exceptional songwriting skills and an exceptional band returning to the scene after more than 10 years with brand new track ‘Chambers Of Fire’. Guitarist Jyri Vahvanen reveals: ”‘Chambers Of Fire’ presents the heavier side of our new album The Return Of The Shadow with its pounding riffs and thundering drums, roaring over you like a cave troll! The song is about the great forge inside the fiery tunnels of great Mount Doom, where the One Ring is created and eventually destroyed. Fire and brimstone from the heart of darkness!” [via Rock n Load Mag]

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